The ice cream truck is a staple in any American neighborhood, but why do they all play the same song? Well, there are no regulations on what songs can be played by an ice cream truck. More importantly, though, the song that most ice cream trucks use is simply catchier and more recognizable than other songs. This familiarity contributes to our desire for their product.

It’s easy to convince yourself that if everyone else loves it so much then so will I! The melody has been around for decades and it’s been used in TV shows, movies, and commercials. There are many theories as to why the tune sticks but none have been proven definitively.

Why the ice cream trucks’ tune is always the same

1. It’s catchy!

The song has a memorable hook that made it popular in the first place. It is composed of 8 notes, which are easy to remember. It’s light and fun so it captures kids’ attention immediately. Many songs have been tested on kids before being picked, but the ice cream truck song always won! Kids wanted to dance along with it and sing at the top of their lungs!

2. It’s free!

The song is public domain, which means it can be played by anyone without having to pay royalties. The ice cream truck association didn’t even commission the song itself; they simply chose it because it’s catchy and popular!

3. It’s unique (and recognizable)

There are approximately 15-20 new ice cream trucks entering the market each week. If all of them played a different song, no one would know what they wanted when they heard it! The ice cream man wouldn’t be as easy to find and you’d have to wait for them to pass by once again the next day so you could hear their jingle. Instead, people can rely on the song’s distinct melody to recognize and locate the ice cream truck.

4. It’s versatile and appropriate for any audience

Most people recognize the tune as a song about happiness, friendship, and enjoying life to its fullest extent. This makes it appropriate for any age group! The lyrics aren’t explicit so it can be played around kids without having to worry about them understanding anything inappropriate.

5. It’s made the history books!

The ice cream truck song was even included in Guitar Hero II as downloadable content. This is huge because it means its fan base is continuously growing to include people who hadn’t even heard of the song before!

6. It’s easy to sing!

The song’s melody is made up of many notes that are easy to sing. The ice cream man doesn’t have to do anything more than drive slowly down the street while playing the jingle for people to start singing along!


One of the most iconic sounds that summer brings is the sound of an ice cream truck. There’s just something about hearing that tune during a hot day or sitting in front of your house with friends and family eating it together, right off the cone!

The ice cream truck song simply has staying power so it’s played time and time again. People are inundated with new songs every day, which is why the ice cream truck song has stood out for so long. If you’re looking to start an ice cream start business, you will need a food truck rental to get started. You’ll have to play “Turkey in the Straw” tune to attract attention to your ice cream business. Need help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!