The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit has everything you need to keep your Big Berkey system clean and performing properly. It includes a handy bottle detergent that cleans and refreshes the tubing and filter media, so you won’t have to worry about having enough cleaning solution or needing to buy a new bottle every time. The kit also includes a detailed instruction manual that explains how to use the bottles so you can enjoy sparkling water every time. Each of the canisters is marked with the appropriate amount of cleaning solution, so there’s no confusion or fumbling with measuring spoons. To save even more money on your next trip, consider purchasing an extra set of filters at the same time.  To buy a Berkey pro care maintenance kit, visit the USA Berkey filters website.

The benefits of filtering your water are well documented. Now, it’s time to clean your filter. With this Berkey system maintenance kit you can actually clean the inside of your filter, which means it’s going to last longer and give you maximum water quality.First, we’ll show you how to remove the plug from the outer compartment door so you can access your filter and just as important,we’ll show you how to move it up into the freezer compartment so it will freeze up inside. Then we will remove the seal from the inner compartment door so that you can get at the little holes that house the carbon filter elements and pull them out – washing them in warm water each time — and take a look at the screen itself for debris – because that is what kills the effectiveness of your Big Berkey.We’ll show you how simple it is to clean your Berkey filter using its patented lifetime replacement parts –even if that replacement part is something potentially very expensive like hypochlorite tablets —and when you’re done, return all three parts back through the outer door cover.

For a long time, Big Berkey filters were all about taste. But now you can get a clean Big Berkey filter designed to keep your water pure, and prevent contaminants from getting into your water from the roof of your home or other sources. The pro care maintenance kit includes two filters, cleaning pads, and pre-filter for quick installation and easy replacement. Big Berkey filters make drinking contaminated water healthier and taste better without changing any of your favorite recipes or changing any of your favorite habits. • You may never have to buy new filters again. Just replace the prefilter when needed using the convenient replacement key online or print out instructions here. • Long lasting filters that last up to five years (in good conditions). • Filters don’t require solution in order to help reduce the bacteria that naturally occur in raw spring water, bacterial contamination (e coli filtered at 0.2 ppb), chlorine (21 ppt) or other toxins that may be present in tap water in certain areas (e.g., H2S).

It is important to clean your Berkey water purification filter regularly, as contaminants can build up on the filtration medium and reduce the filtering performance. To be effective, these chemicals must be dissolved in softened water before they contact your filter system, or they’ll be filtered out and return back to the mother/supply. Trust us-this stuff is nasty. And easily prevented by regular basin cleaning.In this boatload of tools you will find a bubble wand that provides easy access to all parts of the filter system for thorough basin cleaning. We also supply our proprietary Berkey Berbanx grit for skipping over those hard-to-clean places to keep air flow open and the full-flow Berkey filter system working efficiently.