In simple words, construction sites are those, where all labor or workers work together to construct a building. Further, it is added that it is a site where contractors, engineers, and workers put all their efforts into the erection. Moreover, this place consists of raw materials like sand, cement, and all the essentials like types of machinery, men, to form a structure.

But do you know that even a small mistake can become an accident on construction sites? Yes, a small mistake can turn into major accidents, and due to this, the percentage of death increases. Let’s see the types that exist in accidents on construction sites.

Construction sites are a dangerous place to be, and construction site accidents happen all the time. Construction site safety is not something that’s often considered when starting construction on a building or clearing land for construction, but it should be. You should check out doing a construction health and safety courses to help keep your employees safe on site.

Types & causes of accidents on a construction place

  • Accidents by cranes or machinery – Some contractors hire a mobile crane for rent or big machinery for erection. These cranes and machinery contain high weights, even intones. During these situations, it must be handled by trained workers. But, then also, after proper training workers fail to handle a crane that turns into accidents on a site. Therefore, operators not only be trained but also certified to avoid accidents.
  • Accidents by heights – Few of the accidents are befallen because of the heights. Working on height is one of the dangerous jobs on a site. If you are not balancing yourself on a height, it doesn’t take much time to turn into an accident. Therefore, it is hard to work on a height. Only a few workers can do this kind of job efficiently.
  • Accidents by electricity – There is a higher possibility of accidents due to electrical wires in these areas. Wires and their open connections are spread everywhere on the sites, so it is hard to work in this environment. Sometimes the workers are aware of the wires, and sometimes they don’t care. If you are not paying attention to it, there can be a risk of an accident.
  • Accidents by explosions – There is a possibility of an explosion in a site because of laziness. On a construction site, you must take care of everything related to fires or explosions to avoid accidents. But, even after taking care, accidents can happen due to electrical issues or chemical gas leaking issues on a site.

These are some general reasons for construction site accidents. To avoid these causes, some safety precautions should be considered.

Safety precautions

  • You should provide proper training to the worker on a construction site. It includes training for handling machinery and cranes before they work.
  • You must map the site well and work out the risks.
  • After finding risks, you should minimize the risks as much as possible.
  • It is the responsibility of a contractor that he should take care of every small thing that increases the risks of accidents.


Sometimes accidents turn into major issues, and their causes are given in this article too. But a contractor also deals with the different issues of workers in a healthy organization. He must fulfill all the necessary demands of the workers to avoid the delay in work. Also, a contractor should provide a healthy atmosphere to the workers for the completion of the tasks.