Did you know that IShowSpeed is a well-known video game streamer? IShowSpeed isn’t the only YouTuber to be in the spotlight. The YouTube streamer aged 17 has been in serious trouble, involving several serious controversies. He has been permanently banned by many platforms during the past year.

Because of the recent controversy, he was expelled from YouTube in Canada. The United StatesUnited KingdomAustralia and others. So Why Was Speed Banned

Why was Speed banned from YouTube?

The news is accurate to our knowledge. IShowSpeed, a YouTuber who is well-known for his videos, was recently banned from the red platform. According to the claims, he was removed permanently. But, it has been revealed that he was only granted a week-long strike by the community.

Speed played a prank and sent his followers a goodbye message via his Instagram account. Speed was banned after streaming some illegal content in violation of community guidelines.

Speed Banned on YOUTUBE is the viral news. Fans believed the streamer had been removed permanently. However, on 30 July 2022, he uploaded a YouTube clip titled “Speed Is Back”.

Darren Watkins Jr., who was born on 21 January 2003 or 2005 is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He goes by the nickname IShowSpeed. He lives in Ohio alongside his family.

Darren joined YouTube’s online streaming platform in March 2016. He is an ex-player on the Purcell Marion High School football and basketball teams.

Speed Banned on YOUTUBE (and other platforms:

Speed quickly gained many followers on YouTube as well as Twitch. But his eccentric personality while streaming live video games is what made him popular. Speed’s eccentric and hot-headed personality has caused him to get into some serious trouble.

Because of his comments on a live date show, Speed was banned by Twitch from December 2021. He was also banned from Valorant (and other Riot Games) in April 2022 after a Riot Games video developer noticed a viral clip of Speed sexually assaulting a female player. His live streaming video on YouTube, while playing Minecraft NSFW, is the answer to What Caused Speed To Be Banned?

People’s reactions:

Speed’s suspension from YouTube caused a social media storm. Speed’s fans shared their opinions on the matter. Many users claimed that YouTube was hosting lots of other content, which is against community guidelines. However no action is taken.

Others claimed YouTube had taken a good initiative. Speed should also learn from his mistake as Speed is just a 17-yearold kid.

He has been part in many controversies. His most recent was when he traumatized a 6-year-old boy during a Fortnite match.

Final Words

How did Speed get banned? We hope you’ve found the answer. He was not permanently banned, but was placed on a temporary strike for one week.

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