Are you stunned to hear of Boris Johnson’s resignation Liz Truss is now the new prime minister for the United Kingdom. It is currently trending globally in the United States India Canada.

Many people still don’t know the reason for his resignation or why he left. So, to dispel all speculations, here is a report about Why Did Boris and related information.

Why Boris Johnson Is Trending?

According to reports Boris Johnson, Ex-prime Minister, has been replaced in the UK by Liz Truss. Research has shown that Boris Johnson lost the majority support of MPs at year’s beginning.

This is where he gives notice of his resignation for July 2022. The global public wants to know the reason behind his resignation. Based on research, many factors contributed to Boris losing support from his fellow MPs. This led to his resignation. The following paragraphs will provide details on Why did Boris Yeltsin quit, as well other relevant information.

An Overview Of Why Boris Resigned

  • Boris’ loss of confidence and majority among his fellow MPs was due to multiple reasons, according reports.
  • One reason is the charge that the Prime Minster and other MPs attended gatherings during pandemic and lockdown.
  • Not only that, but rising taxes and the cost of living have cast doubt on his abilities as a leader.
  • Liz Truss is his replacement and will be the next prime minster.

Why Did Boris Leave?

After the elections on 24th July 2019, Boris Johnson became the prime minister. On 05 September 2022, he retired from his position. In this he resigned as Prime Minister in July 2022. Thus, he was made Prime Minister and held the office for only three years.

However, speculations are being made about his next moves. Some of his claims involve him writing again and making a comeback to journalism. Few have mentioned that he has continued to serve in politics and is returning to the ladder.

Final Conclusions on the Topic

Conservative party’s Liz Truss has been elected to the role of prime minister. Liz will be the fifteenth prime minster and the third female in this role. All information here has been taken from the Internet. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information or detail. Are you interested in Why Did I Resign Boris?

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