Read this report to find the answer to your question. Why did Nic leave the Resident concerning the departure of Emily VanCamp, one of the principal actors in the show.

Do you enjoy watching drama TV shows? Are you a regular watcher or a regular viewer of The Resident? Did you catch its latest promo that revealed some shocking scenes? Are you wondering what will be the next episode of the show? If so, then you’ve found the right website.

Today’s news report we’ve covered What made Nic leave the Resident The most talked about question on viewers’ minds around the world, and especially those in America. United States. Read this article to find the answer to your question about the well-known character.

What is The Resident?

The Resident (TV series) is dramatic television series that debuted on January 21st, 2018 and is broadcast through The Fox network every Tuesday. The show is based on Unaccountable the novel that was written by Dr. Marty Makary that focuses on the loopholes within the industry of hospitals. The show revolves around personnel from Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, showing their personal lives, their roles, as well as the procedures for administration within the medical field. Why did Nic leave as a Residentis the most recent question that viewers are asking, and we’ll attempt to address in the near future.

It is airing its fifth season, and has two episodes already airing. Every episode of a season has a title like the season’s first episode, Season 1 was titled Pilot The second episode in the fifth season that was also the seventh-third overall episode was titled The No Good Deed.

The main actors of this show include Matt Czuchry, playing the character of Conrad Hawkins whom is an internist. Emily VanCamp, enacting Nic Nevin, Conrad’s wife as well as a nurse practitioner, etc.

The Shocking Episodes

For a deeper understanding of the reasons why Nic decided to leave the Residence,let us first learn about the episodes that prompted the question. The second episode in the current season concluded with Conrad living in his home and entering the house to discover the presence of two officers. Conrad was expecting Nic to come back from a parlor , but was stunned to find the officers instead.

The crew has released the promo for the third episode, The Long and Winding Road. The clip shows Nic is admitted to hospital due to an awful car crash that has damaged her brain. With the narration and the emotions depicted, it appears that Nic will suffer from the injuries she suffered.

Why Did Nic Leave the Resident?

Emily VanCamp, an actress from Canada is not yet publicly stated the reason for her not returning to the show. There is a possibility that she’s finding it difficult to manage first-time motherhood and shooting. It could also be that her travel to work is exhausting for her, as the production is filmed from Atlanta and she is based there in Los Angeles.


Based on the theories, Emily VanCamp is exiting the show, which has led to its producers reworking the plot. It is most likely that the third episode of the season will see Nic’s demise. It is possible to learn the full story of the show The Residentand its the cast.