This article will address the question Why Did Emily Wickersham Leave Ncis? What made Emily Wickersham leave NCIS after season 8?

After the conclusion of NCIS season 8, Eleanor Bishop, also known as Emily Wickersham, resigned. The primary cast, which includes well-known actors such as Sean Murray or Mark Harmon, remained intact.

After clearing up the rumors about her resignation, Emily appears to be having a great time on the show. Many Canada, United States, United Kingdom and other fans expected her to return but she made the final decision.

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Why did Emily Wickersham quit her job?

Eleanor Bishop, often called Emily Wickersham, quit her job after the Season 18 NCIS finale. It was revealed that she had published NSA material ten-years earlier.

It was all a lie to pretend to be a disgraced agency for her to covertly conduct an operation. Many fans believed she would finish the assignment and return to action when the show returned in the fall. But, that is not true.

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Did Emily Wickersham reveal the reason she resigned?

Wickersham’s comprehensive Instagram statement doesn’t mention why she left “NCIS” following Season 18.

The most common reason is that she wants to pursue other options after eight seasons of playing the same role for 172 episodes.

While she may not be filming “NCIS”, she might be involved in multiple projects. Most important is the fact that she appears to have parted ways with everyone she has worked with over the past decade.

Why Did Emily Wickersham Ncis Leave?

Wickersham announced in May 2021 that she was leaving the series. In the Season 18 finale, Eleanor was on a scouting trip. Fans were unsure if Eleanor would ever return to NCIS or if it was the endgame.

To explain her decision to quit the show, Emily took to her Instagram to share her reasons. It’s been a great ride. Emily’s co-stars aren’t the only ones who were disappointed. Ellie Left Ncis because of

She may not return and has not revealed the reason. Fans are disappointed that Ellie Bishop won’t be able to eat snacks while solving clues.

Final Verdict:

NCIS” fans took to Twitter in large numbers to vent their sorrow at the Season 18 finale. It marked the end for Ellick, Nick’s shipper name, and Elie’s love story.

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