Starting an innovative start-up is only the first step. The big step is to figure out ways to attract customers. The successful entrepreneur solely focuses on two things- marketing and, through it, addressing the pain of customers. You can 10X your company’s earnings if your marketing approach is reliant upon trends. So, what does the trend suggest? It advocates including corporate videos such as explainer videos, customer testimonials, etc., in your marketing strategy.

According to the survey conducted by HubSpot, 54% of the respondents prefer watching video content from a business they trust. It’s no surprise that videos have surpassed all other forms of information consumption in recent years. So, are you still confused about its capabilities in the context of your business? Have a look at these points.

1. You Can Switch To Fun Marketing: 

Remember, your customer can be either a salaried worker or a business owner. Most of the time, both segments entail reading and analysing lengthy documents. As such, they will hate seeing those dull and serious taglines. So, to make your marketing more intriguing, corporate videos can assist. These videos are a great way to add a bit of humour to your marketing plan. Assume that two companies, X and Y, want their customers to look through the aspects of their products. One uses plain text, while the other uses witty animations to provide product insights. Consumers will be more responsive to the latter. 

Numerous animation studios and companies that deal with corporate video production in Sydney can assist you with this.

2. Helps In Narrating The Brand Story

Television or radio advertising can be tough for a small firm to use as a marketing tool. The explanation for this is self-evident: either budget constraints or a time limit placed on these platforms. A 30 to 60-second voice over on the radio or a video on television is insufficient to describe your product’s merits. However, you can submit an explainer video for as long as you like when it comes to corporate videos. To keep your video engaging while minimising the bounce rate, keep it around five minutes long.

Google also supports the dominance of corporate videos over TV commercials. According to one of their reports, 6 out of 10 people love online platforms over televisions.

3. Videos Increase Traffic

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the sole way to get a good SERP ranking. According to an old CISCO report, by 2022, online videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic. To make the most of the given projection, try to create an engaging video with crisp informational and keyword-stuffed descriptions and tags. You could even use YouTube to reach out to your intended audience. Make an effort to make a video that addresses your audience’s pain. Another way to boost your visibility is using transcriptions. Uploading both the video and the textual version of the video will give you the appearance of being an industry expert.

4. Helps In Innovative Brand Campaign 

Do you know what makes people fall for your brand? It’s creativity. Imagine making a video that seamlessly integrates audio and visuals to create a realistic experience. A well-strategised and creative video can make customers feel your product even if they have not purchased it yet. If you add music to your video, it might work wonders and entice viewers to watch it multiple times. To make a lasting impact on your customers, take the help of a corporate video production company in Melbourne

5. Customer Testimonials Helps In Lead Conversions

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing in today’s world, right? But, as a business owner, how would you go about putting this marketing approach into action? Uploading client testimonies is the answer. It is another form of corporate video. Or perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools for letting others know how your product is making a difference in people’s lives. According to a BigCommerce survey, 88% of respondents said they trust online testimonials as much as they trust suggestions from relatives or friends. However, when uploading such clips, make sure you are being honest and not censoring any unfavourable feedback.

6. Social Media Is The Key 

Social media has changed the way we interact. People prefer to share visuals to express their emotions rather than plain text. Brands that share video content on social media platforms more often are likely to get more loyal followers. You may upload customer testimonials, CEO interviews, and other similar materials. Such videos will make people share their opinions. You will also notice numerous existing or potential clients discussing your product in the comment section. They will also share your videos if the concept appeals to them. According to the report published by Small Biz Trends, videos receive twelve times more shares than photos and texts altogether.

Furthermore, if your video is intriguing enough, you might also get a lead from these platforms. The platform also assists in understanding your company’s flaws directly through customer feedback.

7. Assist In Employee Training

When you hire a new employee, you must provide them with thorough training. Employees that receive training become more aligned with the company’s work culture. However, on-site training comes at a cost. But, if you are aware of eLearning video production, you can save a lot of money.

Employees benefit from such videos because they don’t waste time reading lengthy documents. The demonstration videos are more detailed and accessible in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, these videos are downloadable, and one can watch them at any time.

8. Call-To-Action

Create corporate video in a manner such that, in the end, viewers are persuaded to visit your website. Many people watch videos to learn new things. And if someone starts pitching their product right away, they will stop watching within a few seconds. So, the best thing you can do is get people to move between several videos in search of new information. This pattern of behaviour has the potential to convert your viewers into consumers.

In the ever-changing business environment, corporate videos play a crucial role in ensuring your company’s success. It helps in boosting website traffic, lead generation, conversion, and improving ROIs. If you are planning to implement this strategy in your marketing plan, look for the best video production studio in your area.