Outdoor speakers are a much better alternative to sound systems. Firstly, they are much cheaper. They cost less than the amount you would have to give while hiring an entire sound system for a day. Sound systems are more complicated to use and sometimes require an additional technical person to operate them. On the other hand, outdoor speakers do not require a big setup; it just needs a device with Bluetooth and one person to skip songs. Moreover, sound systems consume more energy and require constant electric power, while outdoor speakers only need to be charged once a day.

Outdoor speakers are essential when traveling, camping, or simply having a beach party. Since they are so loud, they are used to broadcast audio and music over great distances, making sure no one is left out. 

So, What things should be considered when choosing a good outdoor speaker?

In this article, we’ll cover outdoor speaker buying considerations and why the Soundcore motion series is one of the best representatives of outdoor speakers on the market.

1. Portable

When choosing outdoor speakers, the first thing may consider their size and portable. Some portable devices even have a strap for halter-style neckwear. They are also not large, so they can easily fit in the car or luggage.

There is no need to go through the hassle of entangled wires, as the Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus are wireless. 

2. Sound 

Outdoor speakers produce an insane outdoor sound spreading over a great area. The Motion Boom Plus has two 30W woofers and two 10W tweeters that produce 80W of sound. In addition, Bass-up technology’s improved bass makes outdoor speakers hard to ignore. These features allow sound to fill the entire party, ensuring that everybody participates. It can cover up to 300 people gathering, which is massive in retrospect while considering the size of the speaker.

3. Waterproof

The Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus have IPX7 certification that protects them against dust or water attacks. The worst conditions won’t deter these speakers from performing. Due to it being lightweight, it can even rise back up if drowned in the water. It would still work flawlessly and produce the same powerful bass sound.

4. Long-lasting Battery

With the 13400mAh battery capacity, the speakers can last forever. The 20-hour battery timing means they can run forever before needing to be charged again. They outlast entire parties and hiking trips before needing to be charged. It means you get to listen to your music without any interruptions. Furthermore, it is possible to fully charge the Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus by plugging them into any other device. Hence, its battery never dies.

  1. Easily Accessed  

The Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus mostly use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to other devices. This use of the latest technology lets you control the music from a distance and will allow you to stream without being interrupted. It allows you a stable, real-time connection. Additionally, if a connecting device does not have Bluetooth, it can connect to the speaker using a cable. Moreover, using the Soundcore app, you can control the sound to your liking. You can raise the bass or accentuate vocals according to whatever suits you best.


Investing in outdoor speakers can be one of the best investments you would ever make. Models like the Motion Boom and the Motion Boom Plus are great value for money. They are easily affordable and ever-lasting. They can run forever without disruption and have excellent sound distribution. These features should be given heed to when choosing outdoor speakers. Hence, get outdoor speakers and bring life to your party.