Leather catalog cases are available from professional leather goods manufacturers. They have years of experience in the leather industry and are able to create elegant and timeless bags. Choosing the right bag is a big decision, so you should do your research. Here are some things to look for in a leather catalog case.

Featured Case: Mancini’s Litigator

Leather catalog cases are an excellent choice for carrying your company’s catalogs and product samples. They are made from the finest materials and provide a safe haven for your documents. Many of these cases come with a combination locking mechanism for maximum security. This makes them dependable travel companions. The cases roll easily down airplane aisles and are easily secured at the airline gate. They are an excellent choice for company representatives who often travel.

The Litigator is a full-grain leather wheeled catalog case. The convenient retractable handle and a business organizer under the lid make this the perfect bag for business professionals. This case is also spacious enough to carry a 17″ laptop.

Retractable handle

A retractable handle is a practical feature for leather catalog cases. It allows you to easily switch from carrying to pulling the case, which is extremely convenient when you are trying to navigate through crowds or have to bring your laptop. Some catalog cases even come with a handy internal organizer so you can separate your documents and easily find them. Many of these catalog cases are also guaranteed for a limited one-year warranty.

Another feature of these leather catalog cases is their ability to protect your belongings. A quality case will not only look good, but it will also keep your laptop safe. Some models even include padded laptop sleeves. The interior of these cases is lined in leather or suede, and they include a large front organizer and separate compartments.

Full grain leather

If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable catalog case for your business, full grain leather is the way to go. It is the highest quality leather available and will last for years. Full grain leather has characterful folds and markings. Some hides have been brushed to remove the markings, but this type of leather is completely natural. It has no chemical treatments and is much more breathable. Plus, full grain leather develops a beautiful patina over time.

Full grain leather is also very breathable, so it retains less moisture than other types of leather. It also darkens with time and the sun. And because it’s so hard to make, only the best artisans use it. Full grain leather also retains its beauty and will last much longer than cheap leather.

Full grain leather is the most durable leather and has the most natural look. It comes from the topmost layer of the animal’s hide. This means it is stronger, more durable and breathable than other types of leather. It is considered the highest quality leather, due to its tight-knit fibres, which make it ideal for heavy-duty items.


There are a number of advantages to choosing a leather catalog case. Not only is leather a durable material, but it is also very flexible, expandable and self-healing. This makes it an excellent choice for heavy use. Leather cases are also available in various grades, with full grain leather being the most durable. This type of leather is very strong and comes from a variety of animal skins.

Most catalog cases come with a retracted handle that is perfect for quick switching between carrying and pulling. This makes it easy to keep documents secure, even when traveling through crowded areas. Some even have an inner organizer, which allows you to separate documents into different sections. In addition, many leather catalog cases are guaranteed by manufacturers to have a limited warranty.