SoundCloud is an online music sharing website and distribution platform that allows you to upload, promote and share your music. In addition, it is a digital signal processor that allows listeners to stream music. It’s an open platform for both creators and audiences, that is available for free but also a paid subscription.

With more than 190 million audio tracks from approximately 20 million creators available in 190 countries, what’s next in music comes first on SoundCloud.

  • For music listeners, it’s a way to discover new music from up-and-coming artists.
  • For creators, it is a platform to share your talent.
  • For music lovers, it allows you to sort songs into playlists for others to enjoy.

Features of SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is an incredibly convenient platform to share and discover music, as it has helped many great artists get discovered. Some of its important features are:

  • You can listen to and curate music as per your liking. You can upload your track using the mastering tool.
  • SoundCloud offers additional options for music and audio creators like DJs and podcasters.
  • It is free to use online but paid subscriptions are also available.
  • You can upload remixes, covers, and mash-ups created by you.
  • You can upload previews before posting officially.
  • You share your tracks on other social media platforms.

Importance of Buying SoundCloud Followers:

SoundCloud has become one of the leading platforms available for music throughout the world. Musicians around the world upload their music on SoundCloud to get more likes, comments and re-posts on their tracks. Recently, SoundCloud has introduced its “Pro” option, which shows an orange star next to the name of the artist having a huge following on their songs. Having more followers on your SoundCloud can be a difficult task, but a viable option is to buy SoundCloud followers especially if you are a new creator.

SoundCloud has a massive number of musicians and podcasters uploading their audio tracks and podcasts regularly. So the question is how can we compete with them? How can we have more followers on our account? The answer is simple; buy SoundCloud followers using some authentic sources.

Following are the main reasons why you need to buy SoundCloud followers:

  1. Creating the impression of fame.
  2. To create the impression that you are active in your account.
  3. Having more followers can be social proof that makes you trustworthy and helps you gain more followers in the future.
  4. Increase your account’s reputation
  5. Buying followers as a new creator offers a great way to kick-start
  6. Recording companies are always finding new artists with the potential and talent they can tap. Having more followers will make your profile noticed by companies for endorsement.

So if you want to get more SoundCloud followers, in short, buy them! You can buy SoundCloud followers using websites like Viralyft,, ViewsExpert, FollowerPackages etc. What you need to do is choose a suitable website and package according to your requirements and budget.

 Importance of Buying SoundCloud Plays:

When new artists upload their music on SoundCloud and begin to promote it, they run into a problem i.e., fewer few plays on their tracks. Even if they are decent and have a somewhat better following they can crack some 5000 plays, or may even reach up to 50,000 sometimes. But then plays eventually stop increasing and put us in a strange conflict.

No matter how hard we try, they don’t increase, even if you are uploading great content. In this situation, nothing helps but buying plays for your tracks. You can easily buy SoundCloud plays for your music, audios and podcasts.

But you will say why should you buy SoundCloud plays? Why should you spend so much money on this? The following points will give you the answer to all your questions:

  1. Buying SoundCloud plays gives your track the deserved boost for its popularity.
  2. More plays have a direct impact on your track’s reputation.
  3. The greater the number of plays, the stronger your social proof.
  4. When you have more plays on the track, it persuades an additional audience to your track.
  5. It helps you obtain consideration of the file labels.
  6. This increase will strengthen your social media presence.
  7. You will be taken critically by the audience as a creator.
  8. Buying plays will ultimately increase your value in the market.
  9. Plays give a boost to artists’ organic growth, which ultimately enhances engagement.

The more plays an artist has, the more likely he can attract followers and an audience. Conversely, when the number of SoundCloud plays on your music is low, users are barely motivated to play it. Today, many websites are offering content creators to buy SoundCloud plays. But finding the best website for this purpose can be a daunting task, with many websites promising organic and instant results.,,, and Fastlikes are some of the best websites for buying plays for your soundtrack.


Fed up with trying different methods to achieve what you deserve and disappointed by SoundCloud too? Try buying followers and plays for your SoundCloud to give uplift to your career and see your track getting viral in a few days!