There are a lot of good reasons to provide a healthy vendingmachine for your employees to access. Providing them with tea and coffee, water, healthy snacks are a great way to keep them hydrated, caffeinated and free from distracting hunger pangs! Whether you want to provide options for people in an office, shopping centre, party venue, airport, hospital or some other area. Having vending machines easily accessible is something they will greatly appreciate whether they are workers, customers, clients, investors or something else. Often a coffee and hot beverage machine is popular because people love their tea and coffees and brewed coffee is the most popular.

Benefits of having a vending machineon site

There are a number of advantages to having vending machines installed in your workplace. Just a few are outlined below.

  1. Offering a more convenient and accessible snack and drink option – Having some healthy vending machines around means employees have the snacks and drinks they need right there. Less time is spent in the kitchen or heading to the coffee shop or canteen, so productivity will actually increase. You might not think popping out for drinks takes up much time, but with each different employee and when you add it all up it is still something.  
  2. Gain a better reputation for treating clients and employees well – As well as the more obvious advantages such as having better productivity from less time spent away from the office, having a healthy vending machine also makes a good impression on visitors, clients, investors, and others who see and make use of them. You can add to your reputation as a company that provides healthy options for their workers and anyone else using the space. As well as making people valued it says something about you and how you value the people who are a part of your business.  
  3. Improve the well-being and happiness of your staff – Having access not just to any vending machine but to something that is satisfying as well as good for them is something your staff will appreciate. You can boost their happiness at work which again improves productivity but as well it boosts loyalty. When staff morale is monitored and raised that means only good things for the business overall. 
  4. Easy to manage and no cleaning issues – One of the great things about having a vending machine or two in the building is that they do not take up any staff time with cleaning or care. Installation is easy, you have someone come in and handle it and then you have them manage restocking, cleaning and other issues. Fewer issues as well with kitchens not being cleaned and dirty coffee mugs everywhere!


Having a healthy vending machine on site is a good investment. It encourages your staff to make healthier choices, they are happier having access to convenient drinks and snacks, and productivity goes up! Take a look at the many options available nowadays.