Two years ago, Microsoft released Azure Backup Center which is a great central console to perform all the backup-related tasks. You can easily manage your recovery vaults and run backup/restore tasks very easily.

Azure Backup is Azure’s native backup solution that provides data security capabilities for diverse and mission-critical workloads in a simple, secure, and cost-effective manner. Azure Backup lets you expand your data protection to new workload types, enhance security, and improve the availability of your backup data. Furthermore, you can now increase operational efficiencies with built-in capabilities for managing backups at scale, along with the power to automatically onboard Azure Backup to Windows Server Virtual Machines. The Office 365 Backup Services provide a framework to achieve application consistency during backups of Azure Linux VMs. This framework offers you the flexibility to execute scripts that are orchestrated pre and post-backup of the VM.

Azure Backup Features

  • Multiple Storage Options
    • Geo-Redundant Storage – stores data in a secondary location (default and recommended)
    • Locally Redundant Storage – stores data in the same region as your production data (low-cost option)
  • Granular Backups – enables you to restore whole machines as well as individual files
  • Built-In Security – access to incident prevention, alerting, and recovery features 
    • Incident prevention – involves an authentication layer for risky functions like passphrase modification and backup deletion.
    • Incident alerting – email notification when the backup is affected by operations
    • Incident recovery – automatically saves deleted backups of important data for a minimum of 14 days

Why Azure Backup is the best option?

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to choosing Azure Backup over a traditional on-premise backup solution. But let’s dig a bit deeper into why Azure Backup is the most suitable option for cloud backup and why you should consider it for your business.

  1. Cost savings

The cloud-based Azure Backup Services are a more economical option than tape and offsite backup. As a subscription-based service, you only pay per usage, which can save you lots of money. You get access to enterprise features with no upfront capital investment and without the overhead for scaling and handling storage.

  1. Flexibility

Infrastructure, databases, and storage can be backed up from 1 central location and accessed from anywhere. It’s flexible and easy to use as you can grow and use more storage capacity as needed without any changes. 

  1. Security

Azure Backup combines some of the most effective security features to protect data. Azure backup stores 3 copies of your data in three different locations in the Azure data center, and another three copies in a remote Azure data center. Azure Backup also lets you retain backups 14 days after deletion.

By allowing multiple-user authentication and role-based access control, you can make sure your data is protected from ransomware and unauthorized users. Your data is also always completely encrypted.


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