Kids tend to have more cuts and bruises or even accidents in comparison to adults. Undoubtedly the trips to the doctors are more in case of children than other family members. As a parent if you are wondering which doctor to consult in such cases, the general idea is that a paediatrician fares better with children till 18 years of age. You can consult a family doctor or any other doctor at the hospital also but whether it’s an injury or an operation, a pediatric surgeon would always be a better choice. A paediatrician usually completes his residency in paediatric training along with some adult medicine as well. Since they specialise in cases related to children, they have a far greater knowledge regarding a child’s development and growth as well as behavioural patterns. This makes them ideal for children.

Paediatricians should be consulted right after the birth of a child. This helps keep a tab on all kinds of development in an infant. Instead of changing doctors continuously it is best to stick to one particular paediatrician till it is absolutely necessary to consult another. However, in case of any complication it is always advisable to take a second opinion from a reputed doctor who can also be a paediatrician. Normally, children can visit a paediatrician till the age of 18, in some cases till 21 as well. During this time, it is best if the patient and the paediatrician have a very good relationship. If the child is comfortable in discussing all her problems with the doctor then then it can be a blessing. In case of a pediatric surgery in Hyderabad such a good relation between the doctor and patient helps in recovery. Even the parents should be equally comfortable discussing the problems of the child with the doctor. A sympathetic and understanding attitude as well as sound diagnosis goes a long way in instilling confidence between both parties.

The adjustments used in paediatric chiropractor for babies are different from those used in chiropractic care for adults.

Continuous interaction with a paediatrician is mandatory in certain conditions like the following:

  • If the child is born with any congenital disorder
  • If the infant is premature
  • In case the child needs immunizations such as chicken pox or MMR
  • The child is uncomfortable while speaking to new doctors

A paediatrician is very important for any child because they are trained to track a child’s growth, habits, emotional as well as physical development and sleep patterns. They also have an idea about the vaccinations that a child should receive during the growing years. Even as a child is entering the adolescent age, the help of a reliable and reputed paediatrician can be useful in managing and understanding the emotional and physical changes during this time. It is normal for a child to ask a number of questions at this stage which a paediatrician can answer in a very simple way which children can understand. Therefore, consulting with a paediatrician is essential for the healthy growth and development of a child. However, if you want you can always change from a paediatrician to the family doctor or any other one for adults between the age of 12 and 16 if that is alright with the child.