The percentage of tobacco smokers has decreased in the past years as there are a lot of alternatives of tobacco cigarettes that have come into the market and one of the best options is the Hemp cigarette. But there is still a large percentage of people all over the world that are exposed to the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. This is because they can not leave the habit of smoking a cigar as it seems very enticing to them to light a cigar and inhale the smoke. 

The tobacco industry has suffered huge losses in the past years because of the entry of better smoking options as compared to tobacco itself. Hemp CBD is getting popular because of its amazing qualities and acts as a great alternative too. Let us first know what Hemp CBD cigarettes are.

What is a Hemp CBD cigarette?

The Hemp cigarettes look just like regular cigarettes. It’s just that the hemp ones contain no tobacco. It only consists of the Hemp CBD flower that is wrapped tightly in a smokable product that is shaped like a cigar. These Hemp cigarettes are non-addictive but give the same sensations as a tobacco cigarette. 

Here are some reasons why smoking Hemp buds and cigarettes are better than regular cigars. 


Regular tobacco cigars contain nicotine and many other chemicals and harmful ingredients that can cause severe health problems. CBD cigarettes on the other hand are free from any harmful ingredients and contain organic Hemp and cannabinoids and flavonoids that do not make you anxious. It has great anti-oxidant properties. 


There is a highly addictive ingredient in regular cigars and that is called nicotine. It leads to chemical dependence and makes your brain feel that you need more nicotine. Smoking a cigar might seem very cool in the beginning but becomes very difficult once you start to get nicotine addicted. It then becomes very difficult to withdraw the habit of nicotine. Nausea, anxiety, headache, and irritability are one of the most uncomfortable and common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Hemp CBD cigarettes do not cause any chemical dependence because of no traces of nicotine in them.

Better smell

Tobacco smokers can easily be recognized because of the peculiar odor of regular cigarettes. This odor also sticks to the clothes and skin and can sometimes create a wrong impression on the people wherever you go. CBD cigarettes are very different from regular ones. There is no stale odor and unlike tobacco cigars, some hemp cigarettes even taste good. Also, the aroma of these Hemp cigarettes does not linger after you finish smoking one. 

Enhances mood 

Hemp flower has great antipsychotic properties. This is why the Hemp CBD flower cigarettes act as a great mood booster and enhancer. It is very good for relieving anxiety and even depression too. Smoking Hemp releases anti-depressant chemicals into your mind and improves your mood. The regular cigars might also prove to be good for your mood but the effect doesn’t last for a very long time. It even contains chemicals that are highly addictive and will force you to depend on them. This will in turn affect your health in a very bad way.

Better focus 

You probably would have heard that people smoke cigarettes so that they can improve their focus when they have an important day or while they are doing an important task. The reason for the improved focus is just the effects of nicotine. CBD cigarettes do just the opposite. It helps you in achieving clarity of thoughts which further helps in improving focus. It helps in clearing your head and makes you feel better without making you high. 


All these reasons prove why Hemp CBD cigarettes are better than regular cigars. Apart from not causing any intoxicating effect, Hemp cigarettes provide great health benefits too. If you are having a hard time quitting Regular tobacco cigars, smoking Hemp cigarettes can help you in that. There are a lot of different types of Hemp products available in the market other than Hemp cigarettes. Always remember to buy the best quality Hemp products from a reputed seller. If you are looking for a trustworthy Hemp seller, visit Dr. Strains CBD