Here are some of the reasons why:

These durock v2 stabilizers are available in range of colors, offer the customer more choices. Another advantage is that clipping is not necessary with these stabilisers, as every stabilizer is pre-clipped. In addition to that, most components are gold plated, including:

Gold plated nylon pa plastic housing

Gold plated screws

What are Keyboard Stabilizers?

Keyboard stabs are an important component in keyboards, vital to get the best results from your keyboard. They act to stabilize larger keys on your keyboard, preventing them from rattling, shaking, tilting, or giving a loose feel on touch. This ensures that your typing or gaming experiences are of the best quality.

The current market offers a variety of keyboard stabs. Durock v2 stabilizers are a popular choice amongst clients. Their features are mainly a combination of the two stabilizers below.

Screw-in Stabilizers

These stabilizers are popular among users thanks to how strongly they secure stabilizers and prevent them from vibrating. The stabilizers can be directly mounted to the printed circuit board and fastened with screws, also known as PCB mount screw-ins.

Such stabilizers are mounted to the PCB board rather than plate mount and therefore cause lesser vibrations when used, staying firmly in place.

It has to be noted that these stabilizers are predominantly used for custom-made keyboards and normally do not offer compatibility with pre-made builds.

Cherry Style Stabilizers

Cherry-styled stabilizers show similarity to the Cherry MX switch: a popular product amongst keyboard users. Similar popularity extends to the stabilizers named after these switches. The switches offer versatility for prospective buyers, available in different mount types, colors, and materials.

Durock v2 Stabilizers

Durock stabilizers are a stand-out pick amongst stabilizers. They can be seen as a type of cherry stabilizers, as they use a mechanism that combines PCB mount and screw-in style mounts.

Unlike certain other stabilizers, Durock stabilizers come pre-clipped, allowing them to easily fit with the printed circuit board, making keyboard assembling an easy task.

Experts normally advise lubricating stabilizers before installation for best results. This can be done using a few options offered in Krytox lubricants and silicone dielectric grease.

It is rare to experience wire popping with these stabs. They have long hooks beside the housing, and a wire will fit firmly in them. In addition, the hooks also ensure that wires stay tightly in place when users are lubricating components or removing tightly fixed keys like shifts or the space key.

To ensure the circuit is safe, each Durock v2 stabilizers kit includes washers. The kit also includes cables, gold-plated fasteners, and nylon pa housings.

A detailed version of the kit’s components and variations is also mentioned.

Screw-in components:

10 gold plated screws

10 pieces of gold plated nylon pa housing

10 pieces of gold plated wire

10 fiber washer

Sizes variations in wires:

4 pieces of 2u wires

1 piece of 6.25u wire

1 piece of 7u wire

Color veriations:

  • Clear
  • Smoky
  • Black

Purchasing options and Shipping Detail

Buyers can expect shipping and delivery from most sellers a day or two after they checkout their order if ordering from stores within the country

  • In stock with multiple stores
  • Can be shipped for international purchase
  • Prices differ depending on what kits are purchased
  • Many stores offer a full refund for up to 2 weeks
  • Meta pay options are available

Why are Durock Stabilizers Great Stabs?

Users look for stabs because they want to keep larger keys on their boards in place and firm: getting the perfect full mechanical experience. Durock Stabilizers offer exactly that.

Being printed circuit board mount screw-ins, Durock stabilizers are easy to install. The pre-clipped wires rarely need clipping modifications for installation and fit easily on any PCB board.

Other components that come with these stabs do not require any modifications either. Renowned keyboards like the GMMK pro can use these stabilizers too. GMMK pro apart, these are also a great option for customization. However, making custom builds may not be ideal for a beginner, and pre-made options are certainly better.

While wire popping is an anomaly with this stabilizer design, make sure to lubricate a stabilizer before installing to ensure you do not experience wire popping.

Customers Often Ask:

Which stabilizers are best for my keyboard?

Plate mount stabilizers are inconsistent and dependent in terms of performance. The plate mount stabilizer will hold firm if installed on high-quality plastic or metal. But if used on low-quality plastic, they will come loose in a short duration. PCB mount versions are better as the PCB holds firmly to the keyboard’s body.

Durock v2 stabilizers are variants of the screw-in stabilizer, which is considered to be the best option. Screw-in or PCB mount screw-ins are kept in place by screws, keeping them stable.

Where do I put stabilizers?

The bigger keys on your keyboard can use a stabilizer

  • Caps Lock key
  • Enter key
  • Left Shift key
  • Right Shift key
  • Tab key
  • Backspace key

Is modification necessary to install stabilizers?

Stabs are made ready to mount. However, some custom designs may need certain tweaks before they can fit stabilizers. You might, for instance, need to clip your wires. Make sure you know what kind of stabilizers your keyboard needs: PCB mount, screw-in, or maybe another variant.

Should I use lube on stabilizers?

Using lube will help reduce friction between the multiple parts in your stabilizers. Some of these components also move, and lube greatly enhances their performance.

Can a stabilizer break?

Stabilizers kept in stock with renowned sellers such as Prevail Key Co. are manufactured by top brands that garner quality reviews. They are made of high-quality plastics that will not easily break or crack.

Durock Stabilizers: The Ideal Keyboard Stabs

Durock stabilizers are amongst the highest selling stabilizers in today’s market. Customers have given satisfied reviews for this product, with many customers sharing photos of their keyboards having Durock stabilizers installed available on various platforms.

Every component in these screw-in stabilizers is ideal: from the stabilizer itself to the screws and wires that come with it. Place your order today, and with the quick shipping, you will get it in no time.