Canada is a prominent global center for mining finance. It is also a global producer of copper and has the highest ratio (more than 900 mining companies) worldwide. Since Canada is home to many minerals and metals, these metals industries are a major generator of wealth and employment for people. They contributed $87 billion, or 3%, to Canada’s GDP directly or indirectly. 

Let’s find more facts proving why Canadian companies are best for copper exploration. 

World’s Publicly Listed Mining Companies

Many companies are active within Canada, and half of the world’s publicly listed mining and mineral exploration companies belong to Canada. You will be amazed to learn that about thirty-one non-ferrous smelters and refineries in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta process various metals, including copper, lead, cobalt, gold, silver, and others.

Also, Canada was among the famous world’s destinations for non-ferrous mineral operations in 2019 that attracted 14% of worldwide global exploration rates. 

Advancement In Exploration Projects

Many mineral exploration companies like Solaris Resources are likely to invest profoundly to discover more deposits. They also fund to enhance mineral development projects. Moreover, these companies mainly dig for common metals like gold, nickel, copper, etc., and those minerals help in a greener economy like lithium, graphite, etc. 

Canadian-based copper exploration companies are aimed to expand their mineral operations in the Latin American region, including Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and Mexico. One of the leading Canadian companies with a sustainable portfolio of copper and gold projects in Latin America is Solaris Resources. It is publicly listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSX: SLS has exploration programs designed by one of the world’s greatest explorers, David Lowell. 

Higher Canadian Mining Assets (CMA)

The Canadian industry of mining minerals and metals has become a worldwide business holding billions of dollars of Canada’s merchandise exports. B.C. is home to a slew of copper exploration companies. Ontario is led by major mining giants like Vale and KGHM. 

CMA insights reveal important data about the global presence of Canadian mining and copper exploration companies. These companies are active across the world and their existence can be assessed by looking at the value and location of Canadian mining assets. About 600 companies out of 1300 had CMAs found abroad worth $177.8 billion. Moreover, assets worth millions of dollars are located in foreign countries, including U.S., Chile, Mexico, China, Peru, and Argentina.

Greener Solutions

With the advancement of science and technology, the mining sector has enabled Canada to raise its mineral resource potential.  These companies are extending the life of existing mines and extracting new deposits around the globe to meet the requirements of copper in various industrial sectors. 

The government supports industry needs and provides challenges to seek innovative ways for the sector’s long-term and environmental benefits. 


Canadian companies are key contributors to the economy of the country and have significant operations abroad. Ontario and B.C. are major producers of copper in the land thus, inviting many companies to invest in discovering more deposits. These companies are creating a new image of mining with new ways and greener solutions.