Are you a bit tense over Thanksgiving dinner? We all know that inviting guests and preparing a meal are many tasks. However, you don’t have to stress, because Whole Foods is offering an meal plan for Thanksgiving to make the task easy and manageable. Americans in all over the United States are thrilled by this decision since all you need to do is choose the perfect food for you and then heat it up. For more information regarding Whole Foods Thanksgiving 2021 Dinner as well as their selection of menus, and the process for taking orders, keep reading this article.

Why is this Trending?

It’s true that getting prepared for the holiday isn’t an easy job. The preparations can be a little stressful and can make other things exhausting too. This is the reason this step was put in place to ease the burden to help people lessen the stress of cooking and focus on other things like decoration and other things. Customers can delight in various delicious and cheap meals at their tables. Online ordering is accessible like an added bonus and the options are purchased until November 24.

How to Order-

If you’re looking to purchase your dinner, you will need go to Whole Foods’ official website and select dinner and the date and time of your pick-up. It is important to note that you need to place your order at least 24 hours prior to your selected meal in order to get rid of the setback, if there is one. Prices for food items are various and vary across the country.

Other than that they also have everything available on their official website which includes the complete menu with directions to reheat as well as nutrition information and additional images.

Whole Foods Thanksgiving 2021 Dinner Meals.

  • Chef rib chop as well as Beef Wellington Spread. Both can serve up to 8 people at once. The time to heat for both is only 33 minutes.
  • Classic roast of whole Turkey with ham Thanksgiving feastserves 12 people at a time . It takes 2 hours 30 minutes to warm up.
  • Traditional and organically Toasty Turkey dinners can be prepared for 4-8 and 12 guests with two hours of warming-up time.
  • Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s vegan dishfor two people is consumed within 40 minutes of cooking.
  • Whole Foods Thanksgiving 2021 Dinnerspecial sides such as natural packages, a southern pack and many more can serve four and be consumed within 40 minutes.
  • Desserts are cakes and pastries such as Scarlett pie Apple pie, Cherry pie, blueberry pie pecan pie, pumpkin pie and pumpkin butter cake. dessert cheese platter, and raw fruit platters that come in a variety of prices . They can serve up to 6 people.


For a final thought to stay clear of the excessive stress of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner is the ideal alternative to choose. You can opt for it without worrying about the taste, quality and service offered.