The United States woke up to news of the most famous golf resort in Michigan being severely damaged. According to reports the fire occurred in the early hours of Thursday in the Bloomfield Township.

When the news broke and the news spread, people began to flood the internet with questions about the recurring causes of the fire. Therefore, we have decided to write a thorough and well-researched article on how the fire started in our article.

In addition, we will provide more details on who owns Oakland Hills Country Club as well as other details in the next sections.

Why is Oakland Hills Country Club in The News?

According to sources the report, a massive fire broke out and led to massive destruction to the clubhouse in Michigan. Oakland is a top location for golfers visiting Michigan within Michigan in the United States.

The incident became public after the photos and videos were uploaded to the internet. According to the video, the fire impacted the rear end part of the clubhouse. Additionally, the clubhouse was modelled on the two-story porch in Mount Vernon.

We will provide more details on Who owns Oakland Hills Country Club and other details in the next sections.

How Did The Fire Take Place?

The fire that was sparked on Thursday create a lot of damage to the site. In addition the fact that it broke out in the rear of the central area. The particular area in the clubhouse was comprised of the ballroom as well as the dining area. In addition being the location where the majority of events were held.

According to reports The fire quickly took over other areas and eventually led to the collapse of the roofing. According to the reports the course that was south of the course was updated in 2021. more than $12 million was invested on facelifting.

Who Owns Oakland Hills Country Club?

Oakland Hills Country Club Oakland Hills Country Club was created through Norval Hawkins, and Joseph Mack in 1916 during a gathering with 47 acquaintances and friends. Both were executive officers of the Ford Motor Company. In the time of their tenure, approximately 140 charter memberships could be obtained which cost $250.

On the contrary, Donald Ross designed the whole venue, which was started operation after two years of construction. Its Orchestra Hall and the Fox Theatre were developed in the hands of C. Howard Crane. The northern course was completed in 1922 and then was used as a public course up to 1967. From 1933 onwards.

Who owns Oakland Hills Country Club is a private organization founded by Ford Motor executives Joseph Mack and Norval Hawkins.

Final Conclusion

A large fire broke out at the golf course that is privately owned which caused severe damage to the interior. The cause of the fire isn’t identified, and an investigation is underway. The information provided is not disclosed by officials or the police on the subject.

The club has played host to major championships that it hosted, such as the U.S. Women Amateur, 1922 Western Open and much more.

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