Do you enjoy video games that feature Disney characters? Are you trying to find the developers of your favorite game? If so, this article can be of help.

Kingdom Hearts is a famous game series that is popular all over the world with a particular focus on America, Canada and United States, Canada, and Kingdom Hearts players would like to know more about the person who owns it. In this article we will talk about the owners of Kingdom Hearts.

About Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action and role-playing game series. Kingdom Hearts is a mash-up of various Disney themes that are set in a universe created exclusively for the show. It also has a range of voice actors that includes a variety of real Disney voices. Final Fantasy characters of Square Enix are depicted and interact with other Disney characters and characters. The story focuses on Sora who is the protagonist seeking his friends and encounters in the world of Final Fantasy characters and Disney within their own universes. Find out more about the games of the series prior to knowing who is the owner of Kingdom Hearts.

About Kingdom Heart Games

The games of the series are typically played chronologically. The initial game in this series Kingdom Hearts which introduces the three main characters in this series: Sora, Riku and Kairi as well as establishing the structure of the plot which revolves around heart and dark or heartless beings.

The other games , such as Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Coded, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts kh Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory follow through the chronological sequence. Before you learn who owns Kingdom Hearts, you must know the gameplay in the series.

About Kingdom Heart Gameplay

The Kingdom Hearts game series combines three-person combat and roleplay. Although there are many tasks available to players that provide extra benefits to their characters The games are generally controlled by a linear path towards a plot-related event which is usually told as narrative.

There are allies who could assist Sora the principal character. The AI-controlled companions in the game depend completely on input from the user. But, the players can modify and alter the frequency at the way their skills are utilized.

Who Owns Kingdom Hearts ?

Square Enix creates and publishes the Kingdom Hearts series of games. Tetsuya Nomura, a well-known Square Enix employee, is responsible for the project that is a collaboration with Square Enix and The Walt Disney Company.

Many people are confused about when they are unsure if Kingdom Hearts is owned by the Walt Disney Company or Square Enix Holding Co. Ltd. Therefore, Disney owns the Kingdom Hearts brand, while Square-Enix solely publishing and creating the games.


Kingdom Hearts is a series of games that are owned by Disney and created by Square Enix. The most recent release in this series of games can be found in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. For more information, go to the Kingdom Hearts official Kingdom Heart website.