Social media platforms remain a major feature of the internet. Social media’s most successful names have inspired many others to create similar platforms.

Some social media platforms are political in that they cannot maintain political neutrality because their userbase makes them politically active. Gettr is an example of such a platform. Who Owns Gettr continues to gain popularity. This query has become quite popular in the United Statesand the United Kingdom. You can read the entire article to find out more details about this site.

What does Gettr mean?

Gettr, which we already mentioned, is a platform for social media. American conservatives are the most frequent users of Gettr to voice their opinions. However, this platform is not suitable for everyone.

The platform’s politically-oriented nature is due to the creator of it, who was once an official spokesperson for Donald Trump and an aide to him. Who Is the Owner of Gettr? Let’s get to it soon. It was launched July 2021. The app has been downloaded millions.


  • The website’s appearance and interface are very similar with Twitter.
  • The platform claims it is a place for people to freely express themselves.
  • It also provides access to uncensored media and allows users to easily connect with other like-minded people.
  • The platform has a reputation of being full of controversial posts and other unsuitable content.

Who Owns Gettr.

Let’s review all relevant information about who owns the platform.

  • The political nature of this platform, as well some of its controversy, directly impacts the ownership.
  • Jason Miller, who was an aide to Donald Trump’s former president, is the app’s founder and creator.
  • Many platforms forbadden Donald Trump from using social networks like Twitter.
  • Additionally, his blog was shut down by the relevant authorities for various reasons.
  • Donald Trump spoke on Gettr for years.
  • Who Owns Jason Miller is owner of the social media platform.
  • This platform came under fire after it blocked the accounts of right-leaning politicians.
  • Joe Rogan is a popular personality who joined this platform more recently.

Final Version

Social media platforms represent one of the most powerful and profitable internet domains. It is these big-name companies that drive a lot of traffic to the internet. Gettr is another popular app. Many users are interested in its ownership. We’ve already provided all pertinent information.