We all love to have delicious coffee and therefore we often try different places to enjoy delicious delicacies. And outside of that, one of those companies that offers delicious coffee to all its coffee lovers is Costa Coffee. But since the last few days, this coffee shop was in the conversation. The reason could be that it was being sold to someone. Here in this article, we will give you the answer to Who owns Costa Coffee.

You will see many coffee lovers in the UK and also in other parts of the country.

What company plans to buy Costa Coffee?

Coca Cola plans to diversify its beverage segment and has focused on serving hot beverages. That is why it has announced that on August 31, 2019 it would acquire the property rights of the company for $ 5.1 billion.

Furthermore, Costa Coffee has almost 4000 stores around the world, and is even based in London. On top of that, it has a shop where coffee beans are roasted in England. Here, we are looking at who owns Costa Coffee.

According to Forrester’s George Lawrie, these unique stores can lead to future growth.

What is Costa Coffee’s growth outlook?

Since the last two decades, Costa Coffee has experienced tremendous growth in almost every country. On top of that, he has also contributed enormously to the success story of his parent company called Whitbread.

Whitebread has paid a whopping £ 19 million to acquire Costa coffee, and during that time, it only has 39 stores. Then you can see the tremendous growth this company has experienced so far.

When did Costa Coffee start? Who is the owner of Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee was started in 1971 in the UK by Italian brothers Bruno Costa and Sergio. Initially, they started it as a wholesale operation and supplied the roasted beans to all Italian caterers and cafes. After that, in 1995, it became the Whitbread subsidiary. Currently, the CEO of the company is John Derkach and its COO is Adrian Johnson.

Final verdict

Here in this article, we discuss the news that Who Owns Costa Coffee has become a big name in the coffee world. It was founded in 1971 by two brothers, and has now opened its 4,000 following its acquisition by Whitbread. The Coca Cola company has acquired this company as it wants to enter the beverage segment and become its owner in August 2019.

Initially it only has 39 stores, but over time it has expanded to many stores around the world including various countries such as Dubai, Asia, Europe, England and many more.

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