Who is the owner of the Antifa Dot Com domain? Do you; want to know the secret behind this mysterious knot name? If so, read the full article.

Moreover, a few hours ago, this domain started redirecting its visitors to the white house portal in the United States, and customers began to inquire about it with curiosity.

However, this redirection process has created a flood of questions and doubts, making everyone eager to learn the truth behind this mysterious domain. Various users chatted and wanted to know if this node address had any links to Joe Biden’s site.

Check out this blog post to learn the reality of this domain.

Who is the owner of the Antifa Dot Com domain?

Our team members have been trying hard to find domain owners, but it appears that information about the owner of the web portal, including its name, is protected by the node registrar.

However, according to research and other network channels, it looks like the registering node is; classified as “Panama” and a telephone number in southern Minnesota with an area code of 507.

In addition, there are numerous allegations of fraud associated with the contact number. In fact, in March, Microsoft approached website owners with a warrant.

Is the Joe Bidden campaign portal affiliated with this domain?

According to our initial discovery requirements, who owns the Antifa Dot Com domain? Yes, after entering the domain in; search engine, the node of this portal redirects to the website of the white house. However, this does not mean that the node is connected to Joe Biden’s website, as anyone can purchase the node name and link it to any other website, even if the two sites are not connected.

What does our investigation say?

Finding the secret behind the domain name, our team discovered that the node address was; previously linked to other internet portals; scroll down for more information.

In the context of the Wayback-Machine Archive, the domain started redirecting to Joe Biden’s official Gateway Portal BuildBackBetter.gov before January 20, according to reports Who owns the Antifa Dot Com domain? We found this distracted visitors from WhiteHouse.gov.

In addition, on August 28, it was linked to Kamala Harris’s campaign portal “

Moreover, HTTP or URL redirection happens here. The developers of Firefox explain that when the redirect process is; used, automatically redirects the browser to another defined link address.

When the browser stores a redirect, it immediately loads the new web address.

Also, it means that whoever owns a specific domain has automatically set a URL to redirect the page. However, the campaign itself cannot stop the redirect process, and the purpose of the redirect process cannot make it worse.

No more domain owner Antifa Dot Com

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the true identity of the domain owner or its potential and fair motives during any inspections and investigations.

Moreover, its owners may have created this URL to suggest a real link between Antifa traffic and Joe’s campaign, or to troll US network users.

Furthermore, informs you that the archived Antify reports are; linked to a small Twitter account created in April 2020. However, this account has since been; has stopped working or has been banned for disrupting Twitter’s policies.

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