This article will discuss the lakers and who owned the Lakers before Jerry Buss.

The name lakers is a common name for basketball fans. This famous basketball team has won many basketball championships. It is the most well-known basketball association team in the United States. It is home to many top-level basketball stars, including Lebron James.

There were many owners of the Lakers in his history. This article will provide more information about the Lakers and their owners, including Who Owned The Lakers Before Jerry Buss.

What is Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers is also known by the Lakers and is one of America’s best professional basketball teams. The 1947 founding year of this professional basketball team. As members of the Western Pacific Conference Division, the team lakers play in the NBA.

They are one of the best teams in basketball history. The lakers have won nearly 17 NBA championships. Bibigo is the main sponsor of this team, and Frank Vogel is its current head coach.

Who owned the Lakers before Jerry Buss?

In 1949, the lakers professional basketball team was established. Since then, several owners have owned it. Ben Berger, who was the first owner of the team in 1949 and remained its owner until 1957, was Ben Berger. In 1979, Dr. Jerry Buss, who was then the team’s owner, became the first owner. According to the most recent news, the Buss Family Trust is now the owner of the team.

Let’s now find out who the owner of this team was before Jerry’s bus. Who Owned The Lakers Before Jerry Buss? That’s Jack Kent Cooke. In 1965, he became team owner and remained in that position for nearly thirteen years until 1979.

The Latest News About Lakers.

HBO, one of America’s most recognizable television channels, has launched a new documentary called “Winning time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”. The show premiered March 6th and is based upon the showtime bestseller jeff Pearlman.

John C. Reilly plays Jerry Buss, the show’s owner. They tried to tell the story of Jerry Buss who was a self-made millionaire, and the architect of Lakers. We hope you now have a better understanding of Who Owned The Lakers Before Jerry Buss as well as some important information about Jerry Buss, the owner of the Lakers.


This article will tell you about Jerry Buss, the owner of one of America’s most renowned professional basketball teams. He was also the reason that he became so popular. We will also be discussing the most recent news about this basketball team, as well as its documentary. We also discuss Who Owned The Lakers Before Jerry BussTo learn more about Lakers , click here.

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