If you’re a basketball fan, then you probably know the name lakers. This basketball team is world-famous and has won several championships. It is one of America’s most beloved basketball association teams . It boasts many notable basketball celebrities such as Lebron Jam and many others.

Many owners owned the Lakers over his lifetime, including Jerry Buss and many other. In this article we will learn more about the Lakers and their Owners, and especially Who owned the Lakers before Jerry Buss.

What Are Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers also refers to the Lakers. They are one of America’s most respected professional basketball teams. This professional basketball team was formed in 1947. The Western Pacific conference division of the NBA includes the team lakers.

It is one the most successful and respected basketball teams in NBA championship history. They have won close to 17 NBA championships. Bibigo is this team’s main sponsor, with Frank Vogel as its current head coach.

Who Owned Lakers Before Jerry Buss was Born?

The 1949 founding of the professional basketball team, the Lakers, was a success. Over time, many people have been involved in its management. Ben Berger, the original owner of the lakers basketball professional team in 1949 was still the owner of the team until 1957. This team became the property of Dr. Jerry Buss in 1979. According to the latest news, Dr. Jerry Buss became the owner of this team in 1979.

Let us now learn about Jerry’s bus owner. Who Owned Lakers Before Jerry Buss Answer: Jack Kent Cooke. He was appointed team owner in 1965. The ownership lasted almost 13 years until he sold it to his son, Jack Kent Cooke.

Recent News About Lakers.

HBO, one the most well-known television channels in America, has launched a new Docudrama called winning time: The rise of Lakers dynasty. This series was first aired on March 6, and is based in part on the bestseller of Jeff Pearlman’s showtime books.

John C. Reilly stars as Jerry Buss. They attempted to highlight the story of Jerry Buss – a selfmade millionaire and the architect behind the Lakers. Now, after reading this, we hope you are familiar with Who Became the Lakers Owner Before Jerry Buss along with some vital information about Jerry Buss.


This article is about Jerry Buss (the owner of one the most famous American pro basketball teams) and how he rose to prominence. We also have the latest news from this team and its docudrama. In addition to these, we also discussed Who Owned Lakers Prior to Jerry Buss.