Football is a team sport in that where every player is equally important in order to secure the win. However, having speed-devils in the team is one of the best ways to increase your chances of scoring a touchdown.

When it comes to speed in the NFL, the usual measure is to see how fast an athlete can run 40 yards. These stats are important to define stats and the Super Bowl MVP betting odds surely favor the fastest players.

However, this isn’t always a guarantee for success just because making a test in a controlled environment is very different compared to real-world action on the field where the opposing team is chasing you. On top of that, athletes need to avoid tackles, choose a route, carry a football, or prepare to catch the ball.

Some players might pass our eye test as being really fast on the field, but since our eyes are not perfect, it is very subjective to use this method of measurement.

With that said, there isn’t a perfect way to decide who is the fastest player in the NFL, so let’s work with the data from this season’s games we have and compare athletes speed.

Fastest Players in NFL for 2021 According to Top Speed

Thanks to the Next-Gen Stats and tracking technology that athletes wear during a game, we can easily determine who clocked the highest speed during a game.

Again, this method isn’t perfect, but it is definitely an indicator of the athletic capabilities of the fastest athletes in the league.

Jonathan Taylor – 22.13 MPH

Taylor is a running back playing for the Indianapolis Colts and he is one of the fastest athletes in the league. He won the best offensive player of the year, ahead of Rams player Cooper Kupp.

He started his professional NFL career back in 2020 and at a young age, he is making some big moves, which promises a lot for his future.

He was clocked running at 22.13 mph in week 15 of this season where he scored a 67-yard running touchdown, placing him in first place on our leaderboard. He shows his athleticism in every game reaching 22.05mph in week 9 and 21.83 in week 8.

Taylor is much smaller than other players, making him hard to catch especially if he is running at top speed. He is already selected in the First-team All-Pro this season, and Pro Bowl 2021.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling – 22.09 MPH

Valdes is a wide receiver playing for the Green Bay Packers. Throughout his four-year professional career, he managed to intercept 123 balls, reach 2,153 receiving yards, and score 13 touchdowns.

He obviously was working hard on his ability to run fast, since he wasn’t in the top 10 last year. This season he was clocked running at 22.09 mph after scoring a 75-yard receiving touchdown.

Patrick Surtain II – 22.07 MPH

Patrick Surtain II is a professional American football cornerback who started his career this season playing for the Denver Broncos. At only 21 years old, he managed to find himself on the top of the leaderboard for the fastest players in the league, and if he continues with the same pace, he will become one of the greatest players in the league.

After an impressive 70-yard interception TD his tracking device measured 22.07mph top speed. This is very impressive especially if we compare him to Tyreek Hill, which many people think is the fastest player in the league. Last year, Tyreek Hill reached the fastest top speed of 21.91 mph, which is slower than the rookie from the Broncos.

Derrick Henry – 21.8MPH

Henry is a running back playing for the Tennessee Titans since 2016. He is a very skilled player and has the resume to back it up. He was named NFL’s offensive player of the year last season, as well as the first-team All-Pro.

One of the things that make him a nightmare for the opposing team is his sheer speed. He was clocked reaching a top speed of 21.8 mph in week 6 this season after a 76-yard rushing touchdown.

Jaylen Waddle – 21.8MPH

Here we have another wide receiver, playing for the Miami Dolphins and a young talent that will have a bright future in the NFL if he continues with the same pace. He reached a top speed of 21.8 mph this season in week 12 of this year’s regular-season after a 57-yard reception.

He is definitely one of the fastest young players in the league, that will make some big moves in the future.