Are you a fan of likes web-based shows? Do you like creating favorite characters, and more? If you’re a fan of these fantasies you’ll find a platform to suit your needs. The wheel of time series that this article is discussing is well-known across the world today.

The question this: Who is this Dragon Wheel of Time? We can refer to this article to find out more about the story’s plot as well as the genre and the cast.

The series’ background

The story begins with Moraine who is a member of the group magician group. He leads five children on a trip in the hope the one will be born as a dragon that will help save humanity from the evil of this world, or be cursed to take it over.

The show is broadcast through Amazon prime video. This is an American web-based series. The TV series called Wheel of Time Wheel of Time is based on a novel by Robert Jordan. We are in search of who is The Dragon Wheel of Time?

Let’s read the article to learn more about the exact-

What makes why the Dragon episode of the wheel regarded as to be the best?

After three unfamous episodes The wheel of time swung high within the realm of web-based series. Episode 4 called the dragon reborn brought the series up to a higher level. The episode was a hit because of the balance between action as well as some good moments.

In this episode the dragon reincarnates in accordance with the wishes of Moiraine and this makes the show fascinating and enthralling. As we move forward in the article, we’ll look at who Is The Dragon Wheel of Time?

Let’s look at some specifics of the show in order to inform the viewers more about the character of the show, and who are planning to catch it.


  • Name- Wheel of Time.
  • Type of the series: Fantasy.
  • The novel is based onthe novel by Robert Jordan wrote the novel.
  • Melodist- Lorne Balfe.
  • Country- United States.
  • The language of the series is English.
  • SeasonsThe show is only in its first season as of this moment.
  • Episodes- Eight episodes till now.
  • Producer- Rosamund Pike.
  • Per episode timing- 62 minutes.
  • Companies that produce content: Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios.
  • Release date: 19th November 19th November.
  • Main telecasting channel- Amazon Prime videos.

Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time?

The dragon from the series is a kid who went to a place of adventure with four other children who believed that one day one of them would be born as a dragon. the episode where the dragon was reborn in the form of a dragon, was called the Dragon Reborn. The episode received so great attention and awe from the viewers of the fourth episode.


This article was designed to recognize the fans who have a fascination with the series Wheel of time, the people looking for a good show and are eager for the series to watch. I hope that this article can be useful if you’re looking for the answer to the question Who Is the Dragon Wheel of Time?

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