Do you remember hearing about Peacemaker before? As the first appearance of Peacemaker in Fightin’5’s comic, the name is well-known to us. Peacemaker is a fictional series of superheroes that Charlton Comics developed, and DC Comics later bought it.

What we are actually talking about is HBO Max, which was first released on January 13, 20,22. The series is wildly popular in the United States and has been enjoyed by many fans since the release of the first three episodes.

The most searched search now is who are the Peacemakers Dad. Let us now look at the many twists and turns this series has experienced.

What TV series is HBO Max Peacemaker?

The series, which can be viewed on HBO Max and is available for streaming at HBO Max, is based on Peacemaker’s comic character. John Cena played Christopher Smith in the series’ main role as Peacemaker.

James Gunn (DC Extended Universe creator) created the series and wrote the characters Peacemaker. Peacemaker is discharged from the hospital after completing the previous missions.

Who is Peacemakers Dad? People who are looking for this series should know that it premiered on HBO Max, January 13, 2022. It already has its first three episodes. The rest of episodes will be released each Thursday the week after that.

The character of Peacemaker that was featured in The Suicide Squad is not very well-known. This is why he was chosen for a separate series.

He isn’t a bad guy but he wants to create peace at all cost. The Peacemaker is the Peacemaker’s new mission in project Butterfly.

What Is a Peacemakers Dad?

Fans have been overwhelmed since the debut of the new series. If you’ve seen the first episode “A Whole New Whirled”, it introduces Auggie, Peacemaker’s father who visited Auggie to rescue his pet eagle.

Robert Patrick played the father role and assisted his son with the technology. Smith’s father built a strange lab and made up to ten helmets.

Auggie Who Is Peacemakers Father states that each helmet is unique in its combat abilities. One of them has, for example, X-ray eyesight, and the ability to breath underwater.

Auggie ends up in jail because of his son’s plot in episode 2, “Best Friends, For Never”. White Dragon is revealed to be the white supremacist who has been devoted to him by many.

Later, John Cena, who is traveling to Auggie’s home to get Eagly for his father, appears disapproving.

White Dragon capabilities

White Dragon’s abilities, skills, and capabilities have not yet been explored fully in this episode. However it is clear that he is an innovator and engineer.

He also has high-tech equipment such as Peacemaker’s helmets in his secret storage.


White Dragon The Peacemakers Fatheris a skilled marksman as well as a combat expert in DC comics. His distinguishing capabilities are not yet known.