Since Path of Exile was released in October 2013, after so many years of development, there is a faint trend of replacing Diablo as the dominant player in the ARPG field. As a reasonable extension of the industry, the prevalence of such games has also spawned many third-party service providers. Depending on Path of Exile’s unique in-game economic mechanics, the in-game currency that players need tends to be more specific, so instead of farming currency, buying them is becoming more common.

When you try to search Google for a site where you can buy POE Currency you need, you will see a lot of options. However, finding a reliable one is not easy. To help you compare and choose the best place to buy Path of Exile Currency, we have found four well-known service providers in the market for comparison (The first four sites that come up when you Google “POE Currency“), in order to provide you with a valuebal reference.

Google POE Currency

Taking the most expensive currency item in Path of Exile PC Sentinel SC server: Mirror of Kalandra as an example, we evaluated it in terms of price, delivery speed and security.

Mirror of Kalandra

Which website is more price competitive?

I believe this is the primary factor most players consider, and the most intuitive comparison factor. At present, the price range of Mirror of Kalandra basically fluctuates around 200 USD, and some websites even reach a high price of 289 USD. While this depends on the fact that Mirror of Kalandra is difficult to farm in the game by conventional means, there is also a pleasant surprise: I found that priced this product at only 149 USD, which is the lowest price I can find on the market now.

From a consumer standpoint, I browsed all the items on the shelves of these websites. From a comprehensive variety to great prices, POE is a leader, so players who value this advantage may wish to access in person.

Which website delivery faster?

By placing orders and counting the comments of various websites, I found that basically all websites that we can get Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs can maintain fast delivery speed.

In the absence of unforeseen circumstances, such as server failures, players basically receive exactly what they need within 5 – 15 minutes of placing an order. Therefore, from an objective point of view, there is no real winner in the comparison of this factor. When players choose, they can first look at the user evaluations on the website.

Which website is more secure?

Safety is fundamental to every player having fun. No one wants to have their account banned or have problems. After trying to place an order myself, I considered how safe each site was. Every website has its merits, but stands out among them.

Overall,’s security settings satisfy me the most. When I accessed this site, it hasn’t had pop-ups or spam ads, and brought me a very streamlined shopping page.

Second, after I placed the order, my account not only received the product quickly but also did not get banned or leaked information. The entire transaction process is open and transparent, so I can always check whether my order status is normal. In general, I felt a high level of security in the purchase experience of, and it is also the best comprehensive experience in the entire evaluation process.


I hope this article can help you have a clearer direction when choosing a platform to buy POE Currency and POE Items. This is not to force handsome Path of Exile players to choose a specific website to get Path of Exile Currency. Because the specific situation still needs to be analyzed in detail, you can do whatever you want. At last, I wish everybody have a pleasant trading experience, and good luck in Path of Exile!