Can people book vaccination schedules through Vaccine.shoprite com? What if the pharmacy falsifies the news?

Vaccination Phase 1A is about to begin in the United States and Shoprite’s pharmacy is known to be one of the distribution centers for this study.

Shoprite continues to distribute Covid-19 vaccines in the cities of New Jersey and New York. The news is legit, however, how safe are the vaccines! These are people’s collaborative studies.

About Shoprite Pharmacy:

The Shoprite pharmacy works with “The US Department of Health and Human Services” and “Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Department” of both cities. According to sources, the Covid-19 vaccine will be distributed in Shoprite Pharmacy in particular for priority population.

Who is on the “Priority Population” list on Vaccine.shoprite com?

Individuals who receive the vaccine first must meet the eligibility criteria, as stated by the US Department of Health, to provide the vaccination to the Priority Population. This can vary from state to state. For New Jersey, the criteria are:

• For all healthcare, individuals Vaccination will be available.

• Persons who are long-term care workers and nurses who are trained for residents, care homes, etc. are eligible for vaccination.

• Emergency responders such as county and municipal police officers, state police forces, detectives, firefighters, etc.

• Citizens over 65 years of age

• A person between the ages of 16 and 64 with serious medical conditions such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, Down syndrome, coronary artery disease, etc. Are eligible.

For New York, Eligibility Criteria-

The list on Vaccine.shoprite com contains the same list as mentioned above. However, some additions have been made, and they are listed below:

• Teachers and school staff are eligible.

• Citizens working in childcare departments are on the “Priority Population” list.

• A person over 75 years old.

• Transit workers and public grocer workers are recruited.

The procedure to get the vaccine:

People eligible for the 1A vaccination do not need to call or physically visit Shoprite Pharmacy stores; To book a schedule, visit the “” website or mobile apps and book a plan accordingly.

Individuals must carry their Work ID to determine that they are included in the Priority Population List. Then choose the pharmacy and make the first appointment to get the vaccine.

Are those vaccines that are distributed on Vaccine.shoprite com safe to receive?

People eligible for Phase 1A will receive vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer – have official FDA emergency authorization (Federal Drug Administration). The FDA has already assured the effectiveness of the vaccine and also guaranteed its safety. In addition, these vaccines are stored at the desired temperature.


Shoprite Pharmacy is part of Wakefern Food Corporation, which is currently working with the US Centers for Disease Control and Health Department to initialize Phase 1A vaccine. Vaccines are available at selective Shoprite pharmacy stores in New Jersey and Shoprite or Pearl-River Store in New York.

The Phase 1A vaccines received FDA approval. On Vaccine.shoprite com, not everyone is signed up for Phase 1A distribution.

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