Let’s meet a man with a strong vision, a strong determination, and a vigorous personality. Jaspreet Mathur aka Jas Mathur is a Canada-based businessman and venture capitalist. He belongs to some of those personalities whose life can inspire the mass, especially the youth. Jas Mathur is a live example to many, living a successful and luxurious life. To reach that high he worked very hard. Though he has not any academic excellence still he manages to achieve the crown of success with his deep passion and a strong vision in the business domain. 

Jas Mathur is better known to many as the Limitless founder and CEO. But his professional career started when he was merely 12 years of age. May the credit goes to the almighty because when children are busy with their school and homework, at that age Jas Mathur launched his first business in a form of a wrestling business website. Well, the idea to launch such an innovative wrestling news website was not an arbitrary decision, rather he studied the market and found endless opportunities in the space. Thankfully all went well and he succeeded in his first business endeavor.

Always follow your passion 

There is a great conflict in one’s mind regarding whether to follow their passion or compromise their career for something else that they don’t enjoy at all. If you see Jas Mathur, then he has always been a follower of his passion. 

While talking with Forbes about his first wrestling news website Jas told “I didn’t know that there was a need for it. I just did it because it was my passion”. And the rest is history. As he loved to watch wrestling and was passionate about it, so he had the courage to do something extremely well with it. 

The same case happened with the healthcare sector giant Limitless X Inc. Young Jas was unbothered by his health condition. Only he was concentrating on his businesses and career. But the stress slowly made his health poor and he even faced difficulty while walking with his bulky physique. This eventually affects his physical and mental health as well. The day comes when he took an oath to himself to get back into shape. Being a man with strong determination, he started to work hard and finally successfully cut down all his excess weight to achieve a great muscular body. After the achievement, he decided to turn his passion for the healthcare segment into business. And launched Limitless Performance Inc. In an interview with a popular US magazine, Mathur quoted that “I basically reinvented myself by reinventing my mindset”.

The second attempt of Mr. Jas Mathur always did not go in vain. The 2018-foundation Limitless now becomes the identity of Jas. So, one lesson we could learn from him is to always follow your passion. As if you are passionate enough about something, then you must get succeeded with them.

Diversify your interest and your money

Jas has never stuck on one business, rather he has a thirst to foray into different kinds of businesses. When Jas was 16, he sold his news website to a popular media company and generates a good profit from the deal. He wisely diversified the money into companies from different sectors like online gambling, digital surveillance, satellite TV, online dating, and downloadable media.

Not only that, but before Limitless X Inc. and Emblaze ONE Inc. Mathur founded two more companies, namely SFS Solutions Inc. and Incredible Entertainment Inc, which were dealing in consumer electronics and digital security and surveillance industries. Whereas his deep devotion to the fitness world drove him to be an investor in the wellness and personal care segment with Limitless X. Emblaze ONE, on the other hand, bolster new businesses to launch and grow. 

So, we can clearly see that Jas Mathur does not stick to just one company or only one sector, rather he is a believer in the diversification of wealth. New investors can learn a good lesson from his investment strategies.

Cheerful self of Jas Mathur without any fuss

Jas Mathur is a popular person on social media. He has crossed 7 million Instagram followers recently. This social media influencer often collaborated with the sports and entertainment industry’s leaders. Recently Jas has collaborated his Limitless Performance Inc. with a non-profit organization HealthCorps founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz. The organization is already working to solve health-related hazards for youths nationwide. Teaming with HealthCorps Mathur way to kickstart wellness and health campaigns for young adults and teens.

Besides making money he has been obliged to the welfare of the nation, the move with HealthCorps is an example of that. No one had ever seen the worried face of Mr. Jas Mathur. He has a very energetic and lively soul. Despite having enough wealth, he never disrespects anyone thanks to his high moral values. He never hears all the negative comments coming from his haters. 

In a discussion with Dr. Oz regarding the journey of Limitless X Mathur said “You figured out the challenges, you got through them, and you continued to expand your horizons”. “What’s often limitless is when you look at the horizon, at the vista of opportunities out there. It is truly limitless if you see the world that way” he added.


Let’s conclude today’s discussion with some of Mathur’s innovative business developments. 

As we know Limitless is a present-time dominant player in the wellness and healthcare sector, so it’s having an effective broader list of personal care products and dietary supplements. To concentrate these products in one place, Jas started an online portal called VYBE.com. The full form is just related to the vision of the company, “Visualize Yourself Better Every day”. 

One of his upcoming ventures is Amarose, in partnership with popular WWE Smackdown champion and famous television personality Amanda Saccomanno. The venture will be dealing in the line of beauty, personal care, and skin care segments.

For Jas Mathur, the future is truly limitless and you have to hone your desires in order to get all the success in every stratum of life. Problems may come, but the approach to facing them decides whether you win or lose. The life of Jas Mathur is a blatant example of that, how he owns the battle to succeed and achieved it.