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Are you familiar? Are you familiar with the controversy surrounding the lives of American actors and actresses? It is a hot topic in many regions, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Jada Pinkett, an American actor, admitted in 2020 that she had an affair with August while being married to Will Smith. What is the story about Did Will Smith’s wife cheat withtrending? Continue reading this article if you are curious.

Was Will Smith’s Wife Cheating?

Jada Smith, Will Smith’s wife, was in a transparent relationship throughout their lives. They were even supposed to divorce after numerous events. There were stories of a conspiracy when Will Smith and Jada Smith were married.

It featured a conversation between Chris Rock and his spouse. Jada has admitted in multiple interviews that she had an affair with another woman. What was the cooking? Let’s take a look together.

Who did Will Smith’s Wife Consort with?

Jada and Will were happily married, with a daughter of 19 and a son of 22 years. There were many ups and downs, just like every marriage. This led to people spreading rumours that Jada was having an affair with another person.

The couple split after these difficult times. Rumours began to spread that Jada was in a relationship between Chris Rock and her. This false allegation led eventually to rivalries between Chris and Will.

People often ask, “Who Did Will Smith’s Wife Have a Relationship With?” Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted to August Alsina that she was in a relationship when the couple were having problems. Jada didn’t have an affair, but it was a way to escape reality.

What’s the Current Situation?

Although the couple hasn’t been together in a while, they still have a strong bond of trust, understanding, and respect. Jada asked Will only to do the right things for him. Will Smith still feels bitter about his separation, and considers this mishap a failure.

Will’s joke about Jada by Chris Rock is proof of Will’s falsehood in Who Did Will Smith Wed Cheat Withnews.

This Trend is Now

Because of the Oscar ceremony, this news is very popular. Will Smith is accused of slapping American actor, comedian, and filmmaker Chris Rock because of previous rivalries. All of this took place during Oscars 2022, following Chris’s bizarre joke on Jada Smith.


August Alsina can provide a definitive explanation for Jada Smith and her affair. This is because Jada accepted the fact herself when things got tense between Will and her. However, Chris Rock’s allegations are completely false.

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