According to Georgia dog bite laws, the owner of the dog is liable for bites or other injuries caused when their dog runs loose. Every dog owner has the responsibility of keeping their dog on a leash and controlling them. The owner will be held responsible should the dog, whether leashed or unleashed, bites or causes injuries. This will be applicable if the dog owner violated the leash laws set by the state. If you, your child, or your parent is injured by a dog, a dog bite injury lawyer can help you hold the owner accountable for the pain and medical expenses. These lawyers understand the pain, trauma, and risk of dog bites. Therefore, they help their clients to recover the right way. So, who may be held accountable in a dog bite case in Georgia?

What Does the Law Say?

In Georgia, the dog owner possesses the entire liability for the bites or injuries caused by their dog if they have violated the local dog leash laws. Every county in Georgia has laws regarding how a dog owner should restrain their pet. However, if the owner did not violate these laws, the dog bite victim may not have proof to hold the owner financially responsible. A dangerous dog, according to Georgia law, inflicts injuries without being provoked. However, if the person was trespassing or assaulted the dog when the attack happened, the owner will not be held accountable.

Who is the Dog Owner?

The law in Georgia states that a dog owner can be any person or legal entity in possession of the dog when the attack happens. The person or entity could be possessing, maintaining, or harboring the dog. Remember, if the dog has more than one owner, every owner will be held accountable for the injuries. An omission happens if the dog owner is below 18 years of age. In this case, the parents of the minor will be accountable for the damages.

Identifying the Dog Owner

If you have been attacked or bitten by a dog, you can hold the owner liable for the suffering. What about in a case where you don’t know the owner or the owner denies it? If you are familiar with the dog but don’t know where the owner resides, you can use the property records online to find the address. Even if they will not prove the owner’s liability, it will be one step to knowing who is liable. The person denies owning the dog, your local authorities will help you on this part.

If the person caring for the dog at the time of the attack is not the owner, they will be liable for the injuries according to the law. However, it can be hard to get compensation if bitten by a stray dog. There is no owner to sue or ask for compensation. It might be a different case if the dog was under the control of a government agency.


If you have suffered injuries from a dog bite or attack, you first need to understand the laws in Georgia regarding dog bites. Understand who will be held liable for a dog bite and what involves a dog bite claim.