As covid19 testing is still ongoing, recently Who Advises to Reduce Cycle Count news, written by a US citizen, advised laboratories present in each country to reduce the number of Covid PCR test cycles. Such news had been circulating a few months earlier.

The notice sent by the WHO states in its description that people must follow the instructions for use (IFU) when viewing the results of the test report using PCR methodology.

So that was a brief look at what we’re going to be talking about in our article. Stay with us and read on!

What actions should IVD users bear in mind?

So who advises to reduce the number of cycles as well as other important news for IVD users. We mentioned this below that in vitro diagnostic (IVD) users should follow all steps. Study below:

1. Read the entire instruction manual (user manual) and read it carefully

2. Contact any local representative if you find the information regarding the instructions for use unclear to you or if you have any doubts about the instruction manual

3. Check the usage instructions for each incoming shipment to know if there are any changes to the IFU.

4. Report the CT value to health officials in the report.

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What is your advice to reduce the number of cycle messages?

Well, you may want to clarify what the news is about. We have tried to explain to you the notification issued by WHO in the last few months. Read below to explain!

WHO addressed the message to laboratory specialists and IVD (in vitro diagnostic) users to reduce the number of cycles and see what they had instructed. This message was sent to clarify a previous statement made by WHO.

The current news or notifications were to replace the informational notice given to IVD users in May 2020. IVD users will now need to read and follow the Instructions for Use (IFU) carefully explaining the test report results using PCR methodology. So that was the main goal of the message advising to reduce the number of cycles.

The SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests directly show that an in-depth study of positive Covid19 results is needed. The CT (cycle threshold) of Covid19 virus detection depends on the workload of a person and is inversely proportional to it. Take a new sample and use NAT technology; should be retested.


Therefore, we can say that the news was about Covid19 testing technology. WHO asked laboratory officials in the United States and around the world to shorten the counting process.

In addition, this message was found on Twitter on Twitter by one of the people who gave us some ideas on who advised to reduce the number of cycles that were disseminated.