As we all know, milk is an essential food for the body. It contains so many nutrients and minerals that keep our body healthy and fit. In 2019, milk sales in the United States are reported to be around $ 42.3 billion.

The United States is well-established in the dairy products industry worth nearly a billion dollars. But have you ever wondered which states produce the most milk? In this article, you will learn about the states that are the leading producers of milk and how much milk they produce.

US milk production in a year

In 2020, the United States produces about 223.1 billion pounds of milk for human consumption. It has been increasing since the previous years, as in 2000; the pace of production was 167.4 billion pounds. The average American drinks up to less than two cups of milk a day.

The United States has billions of dollars just from milk, dairy, and dairy products. So asking which states are producing the most milk, we know it is in the US. With gallons of milk production, the US is the leading milk producer.

Progress in dairy products

Previously, only a few products are made from milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter, but as technology advances, the products increase, resulting in an increase in the dairy business.

Now, dairy products such as cheese, whey protein and various types of milk such as whole milk, toned and flavored milk are also available on the list. Leading brands such as Daily Pure and TruMoo contribute to the dairy business. In the race to see which states are producing the most milk, U.S. states such as Wisconsin and Idaho are leading with a corresponding difference.

Why Wisconsin?

Wisconsin was known as “The Dairy State” and was the center of the US dairy industry in 2019; this state produces about 30.6 billion pounds of milk. If we talk about a percentage, Wisconsin produces about 14% of the milk in the US.

Why Idaho?

Idaho is also racing, producing 15 billion pounds of milk in the US. Products made from Idaho produced milk like cheese and won first place in a cheese competition. This state is also known for growing potatoes.

Which states produce the most milk?

We now know that the United States is the leading milk producer, and states such as Wisconsin and Idaho are among the leading milk producing states in the US. But now we will learn about the leader in milk production, which is California.

Why California?

California produces about 18.5% of its milk, or about 40.56 billion pounds of milk in the US. It was Wisconsin in 1993. One-fifth of the milk in the entire United States comes from California. The diary is one of the leading commodities in this state.


Thanks to all the studies and figures in this article, we now know which states produce the most milk, which is California. The United States is one of the world’s leading milk producers, with states such as California, Wisconsin, and Idaho being the major states in terms of milk production.

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