It can be challenging to gain a solid understanding of SEO optimisation, especially when you’re just getting started. Thanks to the availability of ETTVI’s SEO tools, you can easily optimize your web resources for higher rankings. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of ETTVI’s useful SEO tools that will be really helpful for you. 

Let’s get started with gaining insights into the reasons why you need to make use of SEO tools. Afterwards we will move forward to check out which SEO tools would be best for you to use on a regular basis. 

Why Use SEO Tools?

The use of SEO tools saves you from tedious keyword research and data analysis. You can use these tools to measure the effectiveness of your strategy and refine it where necessary. Additionally, the best SEO tools provide reports on how you compare to your competitors and what opportunities you should take advantage of.

Furthermore, you can use them to measure search performance across countries, regions, and languages. Eventually, it will get better. When you manage multiple websites, SEO tools can let you assess each one’s performance in real-time. 

A large number of entrepreneurs with multiple websites end up manually analyzing data in spreadsheets. The problem soon becomes overwhelming and inaccurate reports are more likely to occur. The good news is that SEO tools can save you hours of effort and generate accurate reports in just a few clicks.

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Here’s a quick list of ETTVI’s commonly-needed tools that you can use to simplify your website management and optimization tasks:

DA PA Checker Tool

The ETTVI DA PA Checker works similarly to the Moz DA Checker – in a matter of seconds, it analyzes the given link and calculates Domain Authority. Additionally, this tool measures website authority based on the number of backlinks, including root domains linking to a website. In order to determine the effectiveness of a website on search engines (Google), DA PA Checker Tool uses Advanced Algorithms.

Moreover, you can enter up to 20 domains simultaneously into the input field of the DA/PA Checker tool for results in one go. This ETTVI DA PA Checker is integrated with the important SEO Health Tool. On the basis of their results, it indicates the SEO potential of the website.

One of the most attractive features of ETTVI’s DA PA Checker is that it doesn’t restrict you to checking a defined number of domains per hour or daily. However,competitor domains can be viewed without domain verification or email verification. You can use ETTVI’s DA PA Checker to check any website’s ranking strength at no cost with guaranteed accuracy.

Keywords Suggestion Tool

A key component of SEO strategy is keyword research. The on-page content of your website is often optimized with keywords by SEO experts. Content on your website contains keywords. When you conduct keyword research well, Google and other search engines can rank your website on top of SERPs, which will ultimately result in more traffic and revenue.

However, you can easily find the right keywords for your website and content with ETTVI’s keyword suggestion tool. By using those keywords, your site can rank on the first page of search engine results and be found easily by people. 

In the long run, this will help you generate revenue from Google AdSense or an Affiliate program on your website. Through ETTVI’s keyword tool, you can rank your website on multiple SERPs, not just one, by knowing the top keywords from several search engines.

Plagiarism Checker

In most cases, the writers fail to maintain the work’s uniqueness and originality. In other words, it becomes plagiarised, and this is what makes content unacceptable and an infringement on copyright. As a result, a plagiarism checker can be useful. By using ETTVI’s advanced plagiarism checker, duplicate content can be found quickly. 

It tracks resources that match content against billions of web pages. Additionally, it analyzes content quality and checks uniqueness, SEO, readability, and intent score for better ranking.

The tool allows users to upload essays, research papers, blog posts, and other writings, and check them for plagiarism.

The ETTVI plagiarism check uses lightspeed recognition technology to highlight copied content or citations that need to be added. Monitor the quality of your content in real time with this free Plagiarism Checker.

Backlink Analysis Tool

Use ETTVI’s Backlinks Checker to find out what a website’s backlinks are. It effectively analyzes the links pointing to a website to find out if it has new, high-quality, and low-quality links. A website administrator can use this backlink checker tool to determine a website’s total number of backlinks, including unique and no-follow links. 

Additionally, this tool calculates the number of links that lead to a website’s homepage. Based on the quality of the backlinks to the website, ETTVI’s Backlink Analysis determines its strength. SEO experts can use this tool to ensure only high-authority websites pass link equity (ranking power) on to the specified website. 

Moreover, you can track the referring domains by getting the URLs containing anchor links to your website, or you can analyze anchor text distribution to find any possible errors within the links.


In this article, we have guided you about the most useful SEO tools that provides you ease. Moreover, they get you the most accurate results in a matter of seconds. In this way, it saves a lot of time. We hope that this article is helpful for you. If so, let us know in the comment section.