In an ocean of tip loaders and pipette tips, you might seem to get lost! Isn’t it?

Come on, gear yourselves up, and let’s have a deep dive into the world of pipette tip sorters.  For that, first, we need to understand all about what is pipette tip and pipette tip sorter?

Pipette Tip Sorter: What is this?

Pipette tip sorter is a device that can swiftly sort and transport some quantity of pipette tips to a pipette tip storage box, eliminating the time-consuming task of a manual pipette tip sorter. Four magnets with a diameter of 3 mm and a height of 2 mm are also required for a complete working device.

The pipette tip sorter is usually compatible with 10-liter neutral pipette tips and tip loader. It is recommended that you measure the tips you are using and see whether they will fit. The breadth just beneath the edge of the pipette tip head appears to be the most important factor, as this is where they will slide on the device’s rails.

How to choose the best pipette tips and pipette tip sorter?

When searching for pipette tips and tip loader, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of options available. From bulk tips to macro tips, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve put up a basic list of pipette tip sorters to assist you to navigate the vast pipette tip industry. While this isn’t a full list of every pipette tip available, it is a list of the most often used pipette tips.

While conventional pipette tips and tip loader provide versatile performance for multi-purpose applications, depending on the liquid handling application, you may want to consider using a customized tip loader. Pipette tips are available for a variety of applications in the present market. Here are a few examples to assist you in making your decision:

  • Tips for Low Retention:

When compared to standard pipette tips and tip loaders, low retention pipette tips can help minimize sample size by up to 5 times. They’re made with polymer technology, which makes the tip’s inner surface more hydrophobic, allowing for a substantial reduction in sample size.

  • Extended Length Suggestions

Extended tip loaders are commonly utilized in situations where the user needs to access the bottom of a deep container without touching the side region. These items can assist you to avoid sample contamination and reach the bottom of long, narrow vessels without causing you any difficulty while working.

  • Filter Suggestions

When working with sensitive assays, filter tips help to avoid aerosol transmission. By preventing particles from migrating to your sample, the filter reduces contamination.

  • Filter Tips that are sterile

Sterile filter tips and pipette tip sorters are used to prevent fluids from entering the pipette by accident and to protect against aerosol infiltration into the tip. They’re widely regarded as the best tip for forensic and genetic analytical applications.

  • Loading Gel Suggestions

A long and narrow capillary segment on gel loading tips is utilized to fit between gel plates. This allows the tip to fill the gel combs precisely. They’re ideal for IEF tube gels or sequencing gels.


Hope this guide helped you in identifying the right choice of pipette tip sorter and tip loader. Hurry up now and get one for yourself!