PMP certification (Project Management Professional) & PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION (Agile Certified Practitioners) are 2 certifications offered by PMI in 2 totally different areas, i.e., PMP is additional towards ancient project management with an even bigger horizon whereas PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION with associate agile focus. Despite the fact that these are 2 totally different dimensions, aspirants are confused that one to require between 2.


Precisely once associate aspirant is asking concerning that one to require, she/he is really making an attempt to rank that that one ought to be taken 1st. The reason I’m language this is often terribly easy, each the certifications together works rather well and completes the cycle of ancient moreover as agile data. Each ought to be done from an extended run prospective, that the question ought to be that one to try to 1st.

PMP vs. PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION Comparison Aspects

Future Aspirations

One driver for any certification is that the future aspirations and career goals. E.g., a team leader aspires to become a Project Manager when a short time and wish to equip himself for identical certification. Equally, a developer needs to maneuver towards the beginning master role.

It’s vital to seek out out whether or not you wish to be a Project Manager or an Agile professional. Supported that 1st preference of the certification can add up. It doesn’t mean that a Project Manager can’t choose agile and the other way around each area higher; however, preference ought to be evaluated as per aspiration.

Current Organization wants

The current organization is that the 1st preference invariably to grow for anyone as you have already got an honest diary to indicate and you’ve got acknowledged folks around the World Health Organization have seen your work. 

Knowledge Horizons

PMP positively has a larger horizon from a data perspective because it covers all dimensions of Project Management wherever as PMI-ACP training concentrates solely on agile. To place it in a shell, PMI-ACP training is a set of PMP wherever details of agile are mentioned. The interest of a private towards these data horizons can facilitate in choosing one out of the alternative. It’s vital to keep in mind that if you’re employed what you like to try to, you’ll be best in it.


Mind-set changes

Traditional Project Management and agile method of operating could be a mind-set amendment from managing to leading/coaching. From dominant to self-organizing. Selecting a path between 2 will certainly rely upon the mind-set of the organization you’re in or target to travel in the client and your own self. Few folks have the mind-set that a job can’t be dead while not a central dominant body, whereas another set says additional you offer responsibility and answerableness to people they perform higher. Before final a career path, it’s vital for one to see his thought method towards one in all these and consequently take a decision.

Market Dynamics

The type of technological work you’re into, if it requires fast changes by your customers and raises you to be versatile, knowing agile can assist you quite an ancient method of operating wherever amendment isn’t that straightforward to accommodate. If your project of a form wherever the market is additional or less stable and client needs ar additional or less outlined, ancient ways that of operating can do the requirements. in this case, choosing PMP can assist you in obtaining yourself prepared for your growth

Eligibility Fulfilment

As per PMI, each of the certifications has totally different eligibility criteria i.e.


The candidate should have a complete 4500 hours of distinctive expertise (in case of Bachelor’s/Equivalent University Degree), or the candidate should have a complete 7500 hours (in case of high school Diploma/Equivalent Secondary School).

The candidate should have thirty-five hours of education by any R.E.P (Registered Education supplier of PMI®)


2,000 hours of general project expertise acting on groups. A current PMP® or PgMP® can satisfy this demand; however, it isn’t needed to use for the PMI-PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION.

If, just in case you haven’t worked on agile comes until currently, PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION can’t be targeted at this moment, and you will do PMP 1st. equally, if you’ve got very little expertise in project management and eligibility demand for PMP isn’t consummated, you must target PMI-ACP CERTIFICATION.