Did you know that 19 percent of women and 15 percent of men in the United States of America have a nose piercing? Getting a nose piercing is a great form of self-expression, and it’s a wonderful way to create an aesthetic that sets you apart from the rest of society. Many people worry about the piercing process, but the bigger concern should be exploring all of the nose piercing types.

Learning more about how to get pierced is a great start, but you owe it to yourself to learn about which nose piercing option looks best on you. Luckily, you’ve found the perfect guide to learn all about the piercing types to consider and the proper steps for piercing aftercare.

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Nostril Piercing

The most popular and common nose piercing option is the nostril piercing. This piercing is great for any nose shape, making it versatile. This is what most people picture when they think about nose piercing types.

You will get the piercing through the center of the nostril of your choice when you choose to go through with this piercing procedure. A great benefit of getting the nostril piercing is the versatility of jewelry that you can wear with it once you’ve allowed it to heal.

Don’t be afraid to shop around for different nose ring options when you decide to get a nostril piercing. Part of the fun of the nostril piercing process is taking the time to check out all of the cute nose rings that will look splendid on you.

High Nostril Piercing

The high nostril piercing is different from the lower nostril piercing due to its location on the nose. The piercing process takes place further up the nose near where the nostril meets the bridge. It’s a great piercing option no matter what nose shape you have.

Despite the fact that this is a versatile nose piercing that works with a variety of looks, you’ll face limited options when it comes to your nose piercing jewelry. The location prevents you from using some of the same nose rings that you’d have access to with a lower nostril piercing.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is a bit intimidating if you’re new to the piercing process, but the piercing pain isn’t as bad as you’d think in order to get this unique look. The piercing will go through the thin strip of skin on the septum before it reaches the cartilage. 

If you want to get a septum piercing then it is best to note that this piercing works best with a nose that features a wider septum. A narrow septum will not provide the same surface area for the piercing. Make sure that you prioritize your piercing aftercare if you do move forward with your plans to get a septum piercing.

Nasallang Piercing

If you’re looking for something that will blow people away with your look then you will definitely want to explore the Nasallang piercing option. This piercing option extends from one of your nostrils to the other. It passes through the septum on the way to the other nostril. 

The piercing will look like a double nostril piercing to anyone that is far away from you. The fact is that it’s one piercing that runs through both nostrils and the septum to create a unique look.

If you have narrow nostrils then this is one of the best nose piercing types that you can use to create the perfect look. You will also enjoy a fair amount of versatility with Nasallang piercings when it comes to the different types of nose jewelry that you can wear after you’ve made it through the piercing aftercare stage.

Vertical Nose Tip Piercing

The vertical nose tip piercing is a nose piercing option that is quite similar to the septum piercing with the main difference coming from the location. This piercing option passes through the tip of your nose. It’s not a common choice for people who are looking to get their first nose piercing, and it causes more piercing pain than your other options.

If you have a fleshy nose tip then this is the perfect option for your desired look. Ask your piercing technician if you’re a good fit for this type of nose piercing prior to proceeding in order to get the best results. 

Bridge Piercing

You should also explore the bridge piercing if you’ve made the decision that a nose piercing is right for you. This piercing option is located at the top of your nose, specifically at the top of your nose’s bridge between your eyes. You won’t face a ton of piercing pain if you choose a bridge piercing since it won’t go through your bone or cartilage in the piercing process.

The piercing passes through your skin but nothing more. Due to the location of these nose piercing types, the bridge piercing is a great choice for someone with a narrow and long nose. It’s also a viable option if you have a fleshy nose.

You should avoid a bridge piercing if you have a bony nose as it could cause some major discomfort during the piercing aftercare stage. It will still look great, but it will cause some discomfort for the skin around and between your eyes. If this is something that will bother you then it’s best to consider the other nose piercing types that are a better fit for your nose.

Start Exploring Your Favorite Nose Piercing Types Today

Having a strong idea of your favorite nose piercing types is essential before you go through the piercing process. Learning how to get pierced at the piercing parlor is essential, as is proper piercing aftercare for a bridge or Nasallang piercing. If you’re worried about piercing pain then it’s best to choose a nostril piercing for your new look.

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