With rapid industrialization and increasing environmental degradation, the supply of clean drinking water to every household in India is nothing short of a challenge. It is the year 2021 and amidst a raging pandemic, the quality of water we consume has become a growing concern. While the Government’s efforts to supply clean water to rural India by installing large-scale RO systems is commendable, the market is teeming with businesses dealing in water purifiers for the urban Indian to partake in.

A good water purifier easily lasts you a decade when properly taken care of. So, we urge you to treat investing in a water purifier as an investment in your health and your family’s health. Brands like Pureit from Hindustan Unilever Limited have innovated over the years to come up with affordable water purification technologies.

Let’s now look at a few variants of water purifiers within a reasonable price bracket.

Pureit Advanced RO + MF (9,500 INR*)

It comes with advanced 6-stage water purification technology that ensures clean and pure water for you and your family. It has the capability to turn water with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) quotient of 1800 ppm (essentially hard water)  to sweet and soft water. It comes with a five litre storage tank capacity which makes it convenient for use even in places with fluctuating electricity supply.

The large size also means it can cater to a large family. The purified water flow rate is an ample 9-12 litres per hour, making it easier to fill up your containers. The body of the water purifier is food safe, non-toxic and engineering grade plastic, making it suitable to store something as important as drinking water. The purification capacity is dependent on the GermKill Kit, which removes hardness, dissolved salts, pesticides, heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead and Mercury. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts.

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Pureit Classic UV + G2 (7,699 INR*)

It comes with advanced 4-stage water purification technology that ensures that your water is sterilized to its purest form using the UV lamp in the unit. It has some automatic features built in like auto water saving mode where the unit would stop dispensing water after continuously streaming water for fifteen minutes. It also has advanced alert system that warns you fifteen days before the unit stops working, thus ensuring that you have ample time to book a service and get the unit serviced in the interim.

The body of the water purifier is food safe, non-toxic and engineering grade plastic, making it highly suitable for storing drinking water. The UV lamp is designed to last typically for 10,000 working hours. You need to change the GermKill Kit after nearly 6000 litres of water has been purified by the water purifier. In the final stage of purification, high intensity UV rays ensure maximum UV intensity for inactivation of bacteria, virus and parasites to deliver sterililzed quality water to you.

Pureit Advanced 23 L (3,550 INR*)

The best part about this non-electric water purifier from Pureit is that it doesn’t need a supply of electricity or water or gas for it to work optimally. It comes with double protection purification technology that purifies the water twice over. It has nine litres of storage capacity that ensures that it sustains life of a large family. The body of the water purifier is food safe, non-toxic and engineering grade plastic, making it highly suitable for storing drinking water.  

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The prices indicated above are the water purifier price for each unit at the time of creating this post and subject to change.

As for which water purifier to choose, you would have to identify your unique needs like the TDS quotient of your water supply, your family size, your budget, purification technology, whether there is steady supply of water and electricity, whether the turbidity of water allows optimal functioning of a UV purifier, whether you’d like mineral enrichment and so on. The greater the number of features, justifiably, the higher the price.

If you are someone who is moving from place to place, then we recommend that you choose an RO purifier as it accommodates the changes in the TDS of the water supplied to your area in each new place. If the turbidity of your water supply is low, then you can buy a variant with UV purification feature in it as well. The non-electric water purifier is recommended only when your TDS range is the bracket suggested by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).


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