The solar floating system solutions. sometimes also referred to as floatovoltaics, is essentially the system of solar panels which is mounted on the structure that floats on the water body such as the lake or a reservoir. The market related to renewable energy resources and technology has expanded rapidly in the recent years. The cost incurred on installing the solar floating system is approximately 20-25% higher in comparison to the ground-mounted systems.

There are numerous companies and manufacturers in the market that provide a wide array of solar products, panels, and solutions to the clients across the globe. The solar technology and solar powered products is still a niche domain and this is why it is important to choose a reliable and efficient manufacturer if you are purchasing one of these solar products.

Mibet energy is a top supplier of solar products

The Mibet energy is one of the top manufacturers and a prominent name in the solar industry. The company specializes in research, manufacturing and development, and selling of solar mounting systems. Some of the top solar mounting system products that are sold by the company includes MRac pitched roof solar PV mounting system, MRac flat roof solar PV mounting system, MRac ground solar PV mounting system, and floating PV system amongst others.

The Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd. is an efficient high-tech enterprise with numerous years of experience in solar products. One of the leading solar floating system product manufactured and sold by the company is G4N. This product has excellent features which makes it one of the best in its categories in the market.

MRac Floating PV Mounting system G4N: This product is integrated in the solar pv power plant installation  on water. It incorporates the HDPE material and this product has passed numerous tests of water absorption, anti aging, and anti UV. This product can also withstand pulling force which is higher than some of the other products.

This product from adopts the new module design in the floater and main floater. This solar floating system also fulfills array of double row in symmetrical facing or same facing which increases solar generation efficiency and the capacity of installation. This solar floating system is very easy to install, considerably affordable and has a long lifespan of greater than twenty five years.

The floating system has a modular design which provides the essential convenience of splice installation. Since it is made using high density polyethylene it ensures the long service lifespan. It comes with the multi array design which makes it easier to combine. This model is compatible with several solar modules which helps in saving the cost. This product comes equipped with robust weather ability and its mechanism facilitates easy operation as well as maintenance. If you want to fix this floating PV solar system then it can be done using the anchoring system.

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