It is a little confusing to choose the better between OWC & Apple replacement battery. We have checked up on research to find the best battery for Mac. The results say that – people who shared experience after using Apple replacement battery & OWC battery are equal.

Lots of people shared the best review on Apple battery replacement. But we suggest an A-List battery for your Mac that is OWC (other world computing). Let’s more discuss it.

Does The OWC Battery Work?

Yes, the OWC battery works. These batteries are 23% more effective than Apple factory batteries. You can shop the battery for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Mini.

OWC sells the NewerTech NuPower batteries for the different model of Mac. The benefit of purchasing from here is that it is available at a cheap price with a massive discount. You can save your money through the OWC promo code or the through the latest deals offered by OWC.

Newertech batteries are made in such a manner that is perfect for your mac. It provides the best replacement battery for MacBook 2012 and 2011 at the best price. NewerTech batteries are long-lasting from top lithium-Ion cells & available with a 1-Year limited warranty.

Does Apple Replace The Battery The Same Day?

Yes, Apple can replace your battery on the same within 1 hour or sometimes within 3-4 hours. It is a rare case when a company takes time to replace. Generally, Apple replaces your battery on the same day.

Apple provides these batteries –
  • Mophie PowerStation universal battery (6000mAh)
  • Mophie PowerStation plus universal battery (6000mAh)
  • Mophie PowerStation wireless XL portable battery (10000mAh)
  • Mophie PowerStation Pro XL battery
  • Elevation Lab BatteryPro for iPhone and Apple watch
  • Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery
  • Mophie PowerStation mini universal battery (5000mAh)

What to do before replacing the iPhone battery?

You should do a few things before replacing the iPhone battery

  1. Switch off find my iPhone
  2. Backup your data to iCloud or iTunes
  3. Remove your data from the setting of your iPhone

How much does Apple charge to replace a battery?

Apple replacement battery cost is not charged if your Apple has a warranty. You can check if you have a warranty or not through AppleCare+ of your product.  Apple takes the charges if the reason for replacing the battery due to any damage to your iPhone. The charges shall be from $49 to $69 if you have the out-of-warranty product.

Which is the better OWC or Apple replacement battery iPhone?

OWC replacement battery for iPhone is better than Apple replacement battery. It is better because replacement charges not included as replacing from Apple store.

Is it worth replacing the MacBook battery?

You should not replace your MacBook battery until it is necessary. You must check the working condition of the battery on the screen of your Mac. If the battery takes more time and delivers less charge so you should replace the MacBook battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are iFixit batteries?

The iFixit batteries are good. We have study and find lots of positive reviews. Customers had not to face any issues and they also have no complaints after using iFixit batteries. A comparison has also seen between OWC vs iFixit battery to select which one. So the best result arose from OWC batteries than iFixit batteries because it is cheap than iFixit.

Which Apple laptop has the best battery life?

Two Apple laptops have the best battery life, one is a 13-Inch MacBook Air and the other is a 13-Inch MacBook Pro.

What is the best battery for MacBook Pro 2011?

The best battery for MacBook Pro 2011 is E Egoway battery, NinjaBatt MacBook battery, NewerTech NuPower Battery, Run power laptop battery. NewerTech battery made for MacBook Pro 17-Inch 2011 model. If you buy a NewerTech battery, you can save up to 20 dollars through OWC coupons.

Who manufactures the MacBook battery?

Apple manufactures the MacBook battery.

How long does it take Apple to replace the MacBook battery?

Apple can take 2-hours to replace the MacBook battery.

How do I service my Mac Battery?

You service your Mac battery if does not perform well. The service of the Mac battery means you need to replace the battery.

How do I know which battery to buy for my MacBook Pro?

You can easily know which battery to buy for your MacBook Pro. You just need to know the model of your Mac. Follow these steps to identify the Model –

  1. Click on the symbol of Apple
  2. Select the About this Mac

Note:- on this about section you will see the model name of your Mac.

Can I replace the MacBook Pro battery myself?

You can remove the battery if it is removable but difficult to remove built-in batteries. Companies provide DIY tutorial videos to replace the batteries. You can take help by watching DIY tutorial videos.

How do I check my Mac battery health?

You can check your Mac battery health by following these steps –

  1. Go to the Apple menu
  2. Click on System preference
  3. Click on battery
  4. Again click on the battery
  5. Click on battery health which is shown at the lower right corner

Where to replace the Apple watch battery?

You can replace the Apple watch battery from Amazon, Apple, and other stores. If you have a warranty for an Apple watch so you can repair or replace it at no cost.

Where to check the battery on the Apple watch?

You can check the battery on the Apple Watch by opening the control center. Another way is to click on the charging button to see the battery percentage.

How to purchase an OWC replacement battery?

To purchase an OWC replacement battery visit the OWC Store and find best Deals.


Apple replacement battery & OWC battery is the best and perfect fit for your Mac device. OWC does not sell batteries of all Mac’s different models. It provides the battery for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook. You can replace any model of battery from the Apple store but it takes charges to depend on the status of your battery. OWC also provides a one-year limited warranty and also at the lowest price from other providers.