There is no form of transportation that is cooler than motorbikes, so it is no surprise that many celebrities are huge motorbike fans and a part of the culture. So, who are the celebrities that favour two wheels over four and what bikes are they riding? Keep reading to learn about a few of the most notable celebrity motorcyclists.

Tom Cruise

Perhaps most notable is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most famous action stars – Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is famous for his love of motorbikes and did all of his own riding in films like Mission Impossible II. He is known to have his own collection of vintage bikes and is often spotted cruising around Hollywood on his Vyrus.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond is best known for cars and hosting Top Gear, but Hammond is also a life-long motorcycle enthusiast who started at the young age of 16. These days, he has a collection including a 1927 Sunbeam, a Ducati 916 and a Mk 1 Guzzi Le Mans.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is a famous actor but also well known within the biking community. Not only is he a brand ambassador for Moto Guzzi, but the Scotsman is also known for hosting a travel TV series with fellow motorbike enthusiast Charley Boorman called Long Way Round and Long Way Down where they travel by bike between destinations and explore different regions.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is another big name in Hollywood that is known for his love of motorbikes. Wahlberg is a brand ambassador for Indian Motorcycle Company but often contractually is not allowed to ride in his free time, which is why you might often see him riding a motorcycle in films such as Ted 2.

Starting Your Own Collection

Wanting to start your own collection? There is nothing quite like having multiple motorbikes, but this is a major investment and you need to make sure that have somewhere safe to keep them stored and know how to carry out basic maintenance to keep the bikes in good condition. On top of this, you should also have multibike insurance in place to have all of your collection covered under one policy which can make things much easier to manage.

It is no surprise that so many celebrities have a passion for motorbikes and use their wealth to build their collections. It is possible to build your own collection too, but it is vital that you know how to properly look after your bikes as well.