Brewing refers to the process of combining coffee grounds and the right amount of water at the correct temperature, then letting it cool down. There are many ways to brew coffee. Each method requires a different set of steps and takes different amounts of time to brew.

People want to learn more about Which Brewing Method Takes Longest as the holiday season approaches in Canada.

What’s Brewing?

The third step is to brew the coffee. This involves adding hot water and coffee grounds. The finely ground coffee is left in hot water for a time. Ground coffee beans, on the other hand, are steeped in hot water for a long time so that the flavor of the coffee is well mixed.

Let’s take a look at six of the most popular methods for coffee brewing, and how long it takes to brew them.

Aeropress :

Aeropress coffee basket is made up of three parts. The hot water is added to the coffee chamber. By pressing a plunger, the coffee is forced into a cup at bottom of basket. The brew takes approximately 2 minutes.

Pour-over coffee cone

You can find coffee cones in plastic, glass and ceramic as well as stainless steel. The cone is placed on top of the coffee pot. The coffee grounds are then placed in the cone. Hot water is evenly poured on top of the grounds. Coffee’s taste will depend on the cone type and shape. Brewing coffee takes about 3 minutes.

Pour over Chemex:

Chemex paper weighs 30% more than other coffee cones. The Chemex paper is similar to coffee cones. Coffee grounds are placed inside the Chemex and water evenly poured over them. Brewing takes about 4 minutes.

To find out which brewing method takes the longest, use the French Press method:

After the coffee grounds have been steeped, they are soaked in the hot water in the press pot. With the help of a plunger, the coffee grounds can be pressed. This allows for the release of essential oils and flavor. This is used to produce stronger, more bitter and better coffee. The brewing time for this method is four minutes.

Stovetop Pot:

The stove-top is covered with a Moka Pot. The coffee grounds are heated by the steam from the boiling water. The steam from the brewing process is captured in the upper chamber. Brewing takes about 5 minutes.


Siphon is the brew method that takes the longest time at 6 minutes. This is where the steam from the hot water passes through the coffee beans. After the heat has been removed, the brewed coffee can be collected in a vessel at the bottom.


After the coffee beans have been ground, they must be mixed with enough water to retain their strong flavor. The water should be at the right temperature to release the aromatic oils from the coffee beans. Aeropress is the fastest method of brewing, while siphon takes the longest.