People have been smoking weed for a very long time. Weed smoke contains various pollutants in it. Therefore, smoking has some drastic effects on the health of both the smoker and the person who inhales the smoke. But with the help of air purifiers, the effects of these smokes can be compensated.

Specific air purifiers are built for the purification of weed smoke. These purifiers use different filters and technologies for its operation. What types of pollutants are present in the smoke? And which air purifying technology is better for the purification of weed smoke? In this article, you can get the answer to these questions.

Types of pollutants found in the weed smoke

Mainly two forms of pollutants are found in the weed smoke:

  • Particulates and
  • Volatile organic compounds


The particulate present in the smoke can be present in both forms, liquid, and solids. Among these particles, some are microscopic in existence. As compared to tobacco, marijuana contains a higher level of water content in it. Therefore, the number of liquid particles tends to be higher in weed smoke. These particles can be easily inhaled deep into the lungs, and if those particles build up there for a long period, they can cause some disastrous effects on your lungs.

Volatile Organic Compounds

As smoke forms after a process of burning, therefore the volatile compounds that are present in the smoke of the weed are similar to those compounds that are present in all other types of smoke.

These compounds are highly injurious and toxic, and all these are present in the smoke of marijuana. The compounds include in VOCs are different from those that are present in the particulate. These compounds are;

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde

Types of Air Purifier Technology That Are Used for Weed Smoke

There are various types of best air purifier for smoke available online. Each technology provides different benefits. Some of them can remove both particulate and gaseous pollutants. Whereas, others just remove pollutants. Below all the air purifiers technologies are mentioned from worst to best.

  1. Ozone Generators

Ozone gas is a lung irritant. Therefore, in these air purifiers harmful ozone gas is generated. It causes a chemical reaction that helps in the removal of the pollutant gases. But this method doesn’t have great effectiveness. During the reaction, some toxic by-products are also created. Apart from weed smoke, these toxic products further create airborne chemicals.

Also, this air purifier technology is not capable of removing the particles that make the large part of the weed smoke. This technology is considered as the worst air purifier technology, and EPA doesn’t recommend using ozone generators in enclosed spaces.

  1. Ionizers

This technology produces ions that help in removing the pollutants. In this technology, ionizers are used to apply an electrical charge on the particles that pass through it. But during this process, ozone gas is created. Therefore, this technology contains the same drawbacks that ozone generators have.

Apart from that, ionizers are ineffective in removing volatile organic compounds. Therefore, no gaseous pollutant will be removed from the weed smoke, and also, its filtration rate is very low and ineffective.

  1. Carbon Filters

These filters use the process of absorption, and it can effectively remove gaseous and volatile organic compounds from the weed smoke. As, these filters use activated charcoal in it. This charcoal helps in the removal of VOCs. These VOC molecules get attached to the clefts of the carbon. Therefore, in this way it removes the gaseous substances.

Carbon can remove VOCs from the air effectively, but it has only one drawback. Over time, carbon will be filled with volatile organic compounds, resulting in the less space available for new pollutants. Therefore, this purifier requires frequent replacement. Otherwise, all the toxic substances will go into the air.

Also, some compounds like carbon monoxide, can’t be filtered with the help of carbon.

  1. HEPA

These filters are designed specifically to remove 99.97 percent of all the pollutants from the smoke. It can remove pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. Therefore, this filter is capable of removing a large number of pollutants from the air.

The large portion of weed smoke is made up of volatile organic compounds. But this filter is unable to remove them from the air. Another factor you need to consider is that this filter needs to be changed often. Otherwise, it will start creating odors.

  • PECO

This air purifier is a mix of both carbon and HEPA air purifier. This is the best weed smoke air purifier. As apart from particles from the smoke it also removes volatile organic compounds from the air. Those VOCs that are filtered by PECO purifier are permanently destroyed. With the help of this feature the pollutants will not go back into the air. Therefore, this technology is considered as the best air purifier technology.

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Other way to reduce weed smoke from the air

When smoking weed, mainly you just want to inhale the THC present in the weed and avoid inhaling different compounds present in smoke. There are few steps that will help you in minimizing the inhaling of weed smoke.

  • Avoid smoking in the enclosed area. It is better that you smoke near the window or outside in fresh air.
  • Place the intake of the unit near the source of the smoke.
  • Reduce the amount of paper. Excess paper will cause excess amount of smoke and it doesn’t have any THC.
  • If you smoke in a specific room, then make sure to clean the room properly.

It’s important that you follow the guidelines mentioned to reduce the weed smoke as they have been set out in order for you to stay safe especially when smoking in doors.

With innovative technology being incorporated into air purifiers for weed smokers you can rest assure that all your needs will be met. Plus, you will always have this guide at your disposal.