Did you know that in 2017, Americans generated about 12.2 million tons of furniture waste?

When we move out, we have to think about getting rid of our old stuff. Before buying new things for ourselves, we sacrifice a few items to take out for space.

Doing a home cleanout is a chore when you don’t know where to throw away furniture. Small decors are easy to put away, but bulky furniture comes with difficulty.

Are you facing the problem of not knowing how to do proper furniture disposal? Lucky for you, we’re here to share some tips on how to get rid of your furniture the right way.

Check Your Furniture

We encourage you to segregate your old furniture to sell, donate, or throw. Inspect if any of your old belongings still have some worth to you or to give someone else.

Tables, chairs, or dressers are easy to touch up to their former glory when you have time and funds for it. Minor scratches are easy to mend with the help of sanding or using wood fillers to cover the blemishes.

You can save money from spending more by identifying which of your old furniture still has worth.

Sell Your Furniture Online

You can sell your old furniture and appliance online that are still in good condition. The online furniture market will grow at $84.26 billion by 2020 to 2024.

Even if your appliances or furniture look beaten, some people might still like it. Some people online would scour through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for old furniture.

Before you sell your old couches or tables online, give it a thorough cleaning. Always make the items you sell look safe and appealing to potential clients.

Donate to People in Need

Take your furniture disposal to a meaningful cause by donating.

There are free furniture removal services that can help you haul your donations. Collect things you want to donate and call for any available charity pickup service in your area.

Contact a Scrap Dealer

Scrap dealers do appraisals of any trash that can be worth selling.

To give you an insight, scrap dealers collect specific items from old furniture to sell in bulk. They gather springs from mattresses, broken wood fixtures, metallic pieces, and fabric.

We can guarantee that you will receive funds from a scrap dealer if the junk you provide has a price. If not, they will take your old belongings out of your hands. A scrap dealer can also do a trash pickup with or without extra charges.

Store Your Furniture Somewhere Else

If you want to transfer your belongings, you can store your items in storage units.

You don’t need to worry about losing any of your belongings by keeping them in a storage unit. You can either always go back for your things or sell the whole storage unit if you are willing.

Know Where to Throw Away Furniture Properly

Be responsible in knowing where to throw away furniture. There are other ways to dispose of your furniture without contributing to the tons of trash that we already have. If in need, you can always pick one on the list that best suits your situation.

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