The world is booming with investors, and each of these investors wants to get a taste of dealing with cryptocurrencies. For you to buy, sell, or trade using cryptos, for example, Cardano and bitcoin, you must have an exchange account. Keep reading to find out where you can buy the latest Cardano Vasil update. 

Successful Launch of the Cardano Vasil update on the Testnet

The much-awaited improvement on the Cardano Vasil Hardfork has finally been announced. The Vasil update has been launched on Testnet and developers are currently waiting for it to launch on Mainnet as they prepare their tools for the launch.  The Cardano Vasil Testnet launch brings with it noticeable improvements in performance.  

Features to expect

The launch on Testnet is a step closer to major improvements. However, the main significant features will be noticeable after the update has been completed on Mainnet which is expected to happen in four weeks. During the announcement of the launch, however, there were hints on what to expect after the launch was successfully achieved on Mainnent. Which features should we expect?

  • The Cardano blockchain will be much faster;
  • An improvement in scalability is another expected feature for the Cardano-based decentralized apps;
  • The Cardano-side chains will work in conjunction with one another more easily; 
  • Developers are expected to benefit from lower costs and better script efficiency.

The Cardano (ADA) prices are yet to show any change 

Despite the successful launch of the Cardano Vasil update on Testnet, the cryptocurrency is yet to show any changes in prices. The price of the Cardano coin remains at 0.44 USA/EN (USD), at the moment.

Do you wish to invest in Cardano (ADA)

The cryptocurrency was invented in 2017 and since then it has shown a gradual advancement throughout its development stages. The price of the Cardano coin is rising and falling, and this might not be the best time for some investors to take part in Cardano investment. However, for those who wish to invest in cryptocurrency, specifically Cardano at a time like this when it is gaining more and more significance, this is the time.  

Where can I easily buy the Cardano coin?

Cardano (ADA), is gaining significance, and with the upcoming Vasil hard fork update on Mainnet, the Cardano blockchain will be much faster. Therefore, if you wish to invest in ADA or buy cryptocurrency, this guide is for you. Here are reliable exchange cryptocurrency platforms that you can use to easily buy the ADA coin.

  1. has been operational since 2015. The company has grown to ensure an effortless way for its users to buy Cardano by use of debit or credit cards.

  1. Binance.US

This is another exchange cryptocurrency platform considered to be effective and very efficient to trade and buy Cardano. The company provides a less complicated platform to work with.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest and most commonly known exchange platforms around the world. Coinbase stands out as one of the best due to its amazing features such as simplicity and good security measures. It offers a simple and fast method to buy Cardano with a credit or debit card.  


This is another exchange platform that may be appealing to you due to its vast number of cryptocurrencies to trade and buy. The application is user-friendly and users can easily buy ADA coins without any hustle. Moreover, for those who wish to get crypto rewards, this might be a great option for you due to its unique benefits. 

  1. Gemini

Gemini is similar to Coinbase in terms of simplicity. The platform is considered one of the best, especially for beginners aspiring to buy or trade using Cardano (ADA). The convenience comes at a cost, but it is worthwhile. The application is available in all parts of the U.S. including New York, which is a common exclusion in other platforms.

  1. Binance

Binance is a very large cryptocurrency platform that has acquired a massive following of over 100 million users over the years. Binance is user-friendly, and it is a popular platform where users can comfortably trade and buy Cardano.