Are you a teenager looking to make new friends? Teens you could hang out with, bond with, and create memories with? If so, this article is for you.

I know how hard it can be for teenagers to find friends who have the same interests as them. I had a similar challenge throughout my teenage years. So, when I hear teens complaining about difficulty finding friends, it always strikes a chord with me.

Anyways, below are some teen-mingling tips I’ve learned over the years. I hope it helps you find lads with common interests.

Where and How to Meet Like-Minded Teenagers

  1. · Volunteering
  2. · Teen Chat Platform 
  3. · Book clubs
  4. · Dog parks
  5. · The Gym
  6. · Family gathering
  7. · Community centers


This is one place you can start if you are looking to meet teenage friends. You can decide to volunteer in your school and community and also pick areas outside your community. These volunteer opportunities will allow you to meet people who have similar interests as you. 

It will also be fun, and you will have a good experience as you get to do different activities with teenagers in your community. 

Teen chat platform 

If you are looking to make friends online, then I recommend you try a teen chat platform. A teen chat platform is usually a digital space where you meet other teenagers from around the world. A good example of one such platform is Here, you can meet like-minded teens, exchange laughs, share ideas, bond, and later get to meet each other physically.

The platform is safe to use and comes with strong security features that protect users. So, what are you waiting for? Go join and meet fantastic teens like you.

Book clubs

One of the best groups to be a part of is a book club. You’re surrounded by like-minded teenagers with whom you can discuss a wide range of books. Members of book clubs are expected to attend monthly sessions after reading a specified book. Members then proceed to chat about the book and the parts that moved them. Attending a book club meeting is a great opportunity to learn about a certain book and extend your social circle and meet other teenagers.

Dog Parks

Yes, this is another way to meet teenagers, especially if you are a dog lover. I remember meeting my friend Miguel at the dog park. Allow your dog to run around and have fun. This will allow you to talk to other teenagers who brought their pets to the park. 

It might be difficult to locate teenagers who share your interests. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of teenage individuals who share your interests, you should take advantage of it. You can discuss your pet’s diet preferences, grooming tactics, training methods, and many other things.

The Gym

Aside from fitness, you can also meet like-minded teenagers in the gym. After you are done with your exercise, you can wait around and talk to other teenagers in the gym. This way, you can talk about fitness and just maybe become gym buddies. 

So go get your gym membership from any gym around you. 

I know some fitness facilities don’t allow people below 18 to join. But some do. 

When searching for facilities, be sure to consider gyms with a teen-friendly policy. That way, your application won’t be denied. Besides, registering with a teen-friendly facility also guarantees you’ll meet gym-loving teenagers like you.  

Family Gathering

The family gathering is another place you can meet new people. You can spend quality time with your loved ones and meet new members of your extended family. This gives you more connection with your family. You might also get to meet a cousin or family friend that might share the same interest as you.

Community Centers

Another way you can make teenage friends is through community centers. Almost every city has a community center where political debates, book signings, slam poetry, and other events take place. Visitors to these locations are eager to learn more about topics that you might be interested in. Make it a point to attend any discussion in a nearby facility that you learn about.

Coffee House

Coffee shops are frequently used by freelancers and other persons who work remotely to complete jobs. These spaces are usually crowded with people working on their laptops. You might meet a teenager buried in books just around the corner. However, the next time you encounter them at the counter, either behind or in front of you, say hello and strike up a discussion.