It is not a surprise that not only casinos can be blacklisted, players also can be banned by a casino. In other words, they can be prohibited from playing in this casino or being blacklisted.

Blacklisting is the action of government, company, authority or another organization, compiling a list of people who cannot be trusted because they did unacceptable things, and now they are banned from opening the doors of this organization.

Most frequently bad casinos end up on black lists. In fact, it is very smart to check online casinos blacklist regularly to stay away from fraudsters and unreliable websites.

If we speak about blacklisting players at a casino, a variety of reasons may lead to such consequences, but primarily it is an attempt to beat a casino in a dishonest way. For instance, a player can count cards while playing Blackjack.

I think you’ll agree that casinos offer entertainment services for recreational players only, and it has just two goals which are to earn money and entertain people. So, this is a bad idea to allow the cheaters to keep playing and take advantage of a casino. 

Usually, it is forbidden at the level of rules that are set by a controlling body. Every player can read terms and conditions to know more information on this rule.

The main reasons that cause your enrolling in a casino’s blacklist are the following:

  • a player’s cheating. It happens quite often. 

As I’ve said a casino’s players try to get an advantage over an online casino by, for instance, using special programmes that calculate the outcomes of the games. They also use betting bots that can use the patterns of slot machines.

  • breaking the rules and policies that are set by a casino. The best examples here are multiple accounting and underage gambling. 

A casino offers Welcome bonuses very often. The only thing to get this bonus is to make a minimum possible deposit and meet all playing requirements of a casino. The dishonest players use the personal data of other people to abuse the system. It is called Bonus abuse.

In fact, some players play the games just to get a bonus which is not allowed as well.

It is obvious that violating the rules has to be punished, but if we are speaking about how legal this practice is, it depends on the rules established by a particular jurisdiction. But, as I know, it is normal practice for many jurisdictions. So, in many cases, such bans from casinos can be considered a hundred percent legal, especially in the online gambling field.

Contrary to popular belief, reliable online casinos don’t kick off players and get them blacklisted just because they won a very big sum of money. In the majority of cases, these players committed fraud.

In such cases, a casino has a right to blacklist a player and refuse all its games to him/her for any reason or offer him/her other games from the catalogue except for one he/she played. 

To sum up, if a casino player wins a huge sum of money by luck, it is more than acceptable for a casino. But if an “advantage play” method was used, it is a normal practice that a player will be excluded from the list of trusted clients and be punished by inclusion in its black list.