With more than 60 brands participating in a single-day music festival, a lot of fans from both the United States and Canada have speculated that When We Are Young’s next music festival is going to be similar to the disaster of Fyre Festival scheduled in 2017.

A lot of old-school 2000s EMO and pop-punk lovers are shocked by news of When We Were Young music festival set for the month of October 2022. The music festival will showcase iconic brands, such as Paramore as well as My Chemical Romance.

A few details about the When We Were Young scam is being circulated since the announcements. We’d like to know more details about the scam.

About The When We Were Young Festival

It is the When We Were Young music festival, also known by the name of Emo Fyre Festival, is the punk, emo as well as scene-music festival set for October 2022. The announcement was announced via Paramore’s Instagram page on January 18th, 2022.

The festival will feature famous artists, nostalgic EMO bands, as well as other. Shortly after the announcement, a lot of fans began sharing their thoughts and posting memes on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and generating excitement. The public wants to know if this is the similar to the Fyre Festival Scam that was held in 2017 or if it’s a different one.

Is When We Were Young Scam or Legit?

When the announcement of the festival began to circulate in the media, many of the most prominent and well-known groups had speculated that When We Were Young Festival could be similar to the devastating Fyre Festival scheduled in 2017.

Fyre Festival offered tickets for the top music event. The event was planned on an Bahamian island located in Great Exuma. The festival claimed to include several legendary groups. Tickets were distributed to many people. When guests got to the venue the event was revealed to be a fraud. The organizer of the event, Billy McFarland, was sentenced to six months of imprisonmentand forfeited $26 million to the attendees.

Many fans are contemplating The When We Were Young scam. However the festival will be held in the month of October at Las Vegas, and tickets are available for pre-sales starting on January 21st, 2022.

So far, we have discovered nothing that could be considered a scam. A lot of bands who performed at the festival also promoted the festival and tickets via Social Media.

Where and When the Music Festival Is Scheduled?

The When We Were Young music festival is scheduled to take place on 22nd October 2022. It will be held at Las Vegas on Saturday.

For those who are searching for an answer to whether the question: When We Were Young a Scam or genuine, need to be prepared for the event since it is legitimate and is not a fraud. The tickets for presale sales will be open to the general public on the 21st of January 2022.

You can sign-up to be a presale participant and purchase your tickets through the official When We Were Young website.


The moment the announcement about the When We Were Young Festival was announced through social media platforms, lots of people began to express their opinions. Numerous online fans and bands have speculated that it will be similar to the disaster of the Fyre Festival of 2017.

Following these reactions, many people began to wonder What was the scam. We haven’t found any loopholes , or any evidence to conclude that it is a fraud.